Why is My Headphone Warming Up: Why and What to do?

There is an opinion that warming up the headphones is a pointless exercise. However, there is an urgent need for it for a certain type of headset. Of all the headphones, only armature devices are not subject to heating.

What is warming up

Headphone heating is called running in a headset for a time in a special mode. Headphone design is complex in specifications and details. In the first days after the purchase, the properties are changed. The trend can be seen during the initial 50-200 hours of headset operation.

The device is warmed up according to a certain algorithm using an audio track. Warming up acts on the headset to have a positive effect on the diffuser, caps and holders. But you need to observe the level of the specified volume.

What is headphone warming up, why and how to do it

Warming up methods

Use one of the three warm-up options provided to prepare your headphones. What should be done:

  • Download a specialized track and connect headphones. White and pink noise work well for headset preparation. One of the most popular tracks is considered IsoTek – Full System Enhancer & Rejuvenation or TARA LABS – Cascade Noise Burn-In. Volume level – 75% of the maximum;
  • The second way is to break-in headphones using your favorite genre. In this case, the headset prepares the diffusers for the specified sound frequencies. Among the disadvantages of the method is the lengthy running process in comparison with a specialized track;
  • Using an analog signal allows you to select the correct playback frequency level. To do this, plug your headphones into a cassette or music player for two nights.
What is headphone warming up, why and how to do it

Warm-up duration

The duration of the headset preparation is influenced by:

  • Model;
  • Speaker size;
  • Warm-up method;
  • Signal level.

The minimum amount of time to prepare the headset is 6 hours. This is enough to test budget types of headphones. Using special tracks, put the headset overnight for a break-in, and the sound difference will be revealed in the morning.

It is believed that large on-ear headphones take longer to prepare. But this is not true, as the diffuser has significantly more travel. Therefore, the warm-up time does not depend on the external dimensions of the headset. The standard run-in time of the headphones is 50 hours. During this time, the headset will be fully prepared for use.

What is headphone warming up, why and how to do it

What happens if you don’t prepare

In short, nothing bad will happen. The headset will automatically tune to the desired frequencies, but the process will be too long. The setting will depend on the amount of time you use. If listening to music takes no more than an hour and a half, then it will take a month or more to warm up. Considering that most headphones are used for six months, it is recommended to warm up the headset before use for high-quality sound.

Do you warm up your headphones?

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