Why are magnetic cables for a smartphone useful?

I recently bought a cool and very comfortable magnetic cable- friends with high currents, charges Android and iPhone. Even fast charging comes in handy – it keeps the Qualcomm quick Charge 2/3, analogs from Apple, Huawei, and MediaTek.

Is the “magnetic” charging cable convenient?

The “magnetic” cable is more correctly called a “cable with a plug-in connector.” The main part consists of a conventional wire, a USB connector to connect to a charger, and a powerful magnet’s contact pad.

It is connected to the charger part of the connector, magnet, and contacts. This part is inserted into the port of the charging device. Magnets in 2 parts of the cable are attracted at a distance of 1 to 5 centimeters, providing a strong connection and connection of the device to charging.

What is good about the “magnetic” cable? A bunch of pros:

And if the first – just convenience, the replacement of the connector – the most common reason for the device’s appearance in the service. Break the port – like 2 fingers on the asphalt. What for the iPhone, what for Android.

Eliminating the need for every charge to insert a cable into the device actually saves the smartphone.

About convenience: you need to put the smartphone near the cable, and the wire itself will connect. Almost like wireless charging, only for any smartphone and does not need a case. Well, or almost not needed.

How to choose?

For the experiments, I chose several cables: Magnetic cables from Sinkros.

Included are meter-long wires and connectors: micro USB, Lightning, USB Type-C (missing from Moizen). Properties are quite tempting: metal braid, a neat plastic USB plug, a properly executed part with a magnetic platform.

Also on the magnetic platform of the cable is an LED, signaling the connection of the wire to the charger or computer.

The question arises – how was it possible to implement a “blind” connection without looking at the smartphone? After all, the interfaces micro USB, Lightning, and USB Type-C have a clear sequence of contacts for charging. The Chinese for this cable have found a graceful solution.

The magnetic platform on the cable is closer to the edge. Each of the 3 connectors has 2 pairs of similar. The cable is connected to the one from below – so the wrong crucifying is excluded. You can turn the wire either way – no difference.

The smartphone used by the cable can charge and connect to the computer to transmit data by any party to the connector: turn the wire as you want.

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