- 50% Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review

Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review


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With the Momentum free model, Sennheiser managed to create not only comfortable but also pretty in-ear headphones. They are comfortable, good to use, and with the right genres of music, they sound just fine. Alas, this does not apply to all the compositions that buyers of such earphones can listen to. And having given a large enough amount of money for such an accessory, I would like to get complete freedom in choosing music. But do not forget that sound is a subjective concept, and here you should rely solely on your own experience.
  • Good materials
  • Nice Design
  • Stable connection with minimal delay
  • AptX support
  • Active noise reduction system
  • Variety of connection methods
  • Sound
  • Autonomy
  • Not all music genres reproduce equally well
  • Price

Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: Features and Specifications as mentioned on Amazon

  • Bluetooth 4. 2 wireless technology, featuring Qualcomm apt-X and AAC (advanced audio coding) delivering enhanced hi fi sound quality
  • Premium transducers housed in machined stainless steel in ear sound tunnels deliver signature Sennheiser momentum sound powerful bass response, detailed vocal projection and a great sound stage
  • NFC one touch pairing for immediate connectivity to Bluetooth smart devices
  • Convenient multi connection capability with up to 2 devices simultaneously (phones and computers) with voice prom

Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review

Meet the Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free Special Edition

True to the MOMENTUM design and engineering philosophy, the MOMENTUM Free Special Edition in-ear Bluetooth headphones deliver outstanding audio quality. Whether enjoying music or taking a call from a friend, you’ll experience sound featuring exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics. Like all MOMENTUM headphones, MOMENTUM Free delivers superior comfort, timeless style, and lasting durability.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free SE

Signature Sennheiser Sound

The Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free Special Edition features premium transducers housed in machined stainless steel in-ear sound tunnels to deliver signature Momentum sound – exceptional clarity and dynamics with powerful bass response.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free SE

Cutting-edge Wireless Technology

The MOMENTUM Free Special Edition is equipped with the latest wireless transmission technology: Bluetooth 4.2, AAC codec support, and Qualcomm aptX support. Together they ensure exceptional, crystal-clear hi-fi sound. AptX Low Latency technology keeps audio perfectly in sync with visuals when videos are being watched.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free SE

Personalized Fit

Four different sized ear adapters are supplied with MOMENTUM Free Special Edition. This ensures optimum fit contributing significantly to enhance wearing comfort and sound quality. It also improves passive attenuation of ambient noise further upgrading the listening experience.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free SE

Full Headset Functionality

A three-button remote and high-quality in-line microphone provides management of phone calls (including three-way calling) and music tracks. Voice prompts inform about incoming calls, device pairing, and battery status. Multi-connection with up to two devices at once is also provided.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free SE

Six-Hour Battery Life

The MOMENTUM Free Special Edition delivers up to six-hour battery life from USB charging (cable included) supporting extended wireless listening sessions.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Free SE

Streetwise Style and Features

Premium materials including stainless steel and featuring chrome accents highlight the exceptional design. Magnetic earpieces elegantly join so MOMENTUM Free Special Edition can be comfortably worn around the neck when not in use. For protection, luxurious leather is supplied for storage.


Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review

Acoustic manufacturer Sennheiser is known, perhaps, to everyone. Every year the company presents new products not only in the professional audio segment but also for everyday use. More recently, on the expanses of online stores, an ideal offer has appeared for many – Sennheiser Momentum Free compact wireless headphones. The manufacturer promises perfect sound in an extremely compact design.

Packaging and Appearance

Sennheiser momentum free

For today’s Sennheiser Momentum Free review I’ll start by looking at the packaging. Sennheiser products are shipped in a black, solid cardboard box. Designers clearly did not want to put much emphasis on the appearance of the package, thus making it clear that the most interesting thing is waiting for us inside.

On the front is the classic Sennheiser logo and a stylized photo of the headphones, on the back is a summary of the main technical specifications and the contents of the box.

Designers did not disappoint, indeed, the most interesting thing was waiting for me inside. In addition to the documentation and the headphones themselves, I saw the following:

Sennheiser momentum free box


  • The USB cable for charging the battery;
  • ear pads in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L);
  • leather carrying case.

Sennheiser momentum free box

The headphones themselves already have the usual wearing style called the “collar” by the manufacturer. Headphones are connected by a cable worn around the neck.

Under the left earphone, there is an extremely convenient control panel, where you can find the power, volume and answer buttons for an incoming call. Under the right earphone is a unit with an NFC module and a battery.

Sennheiser momentum free box

The body of the earbuds is made of plastic, but the duct itself, transmitting sound from the speaker to the ear, is made of stainless steel. Each headphone is marked with a company logo.

The wire is rubberized, thick enough and strong. By holding the wire in my hands, I did not have the impression that it would fray quickly with active use. These headphones do not cause any discomfort.

There is no expected protection from water in the headphones; they obviously will not survive washing or going to the pool. Walking in the rain is also undesirable since the plastic elements of the case are completely devoid of moisture protection.

Sennheiser momentum free box

Sennheiser marketers are not deceived since the company is promising lightness and comfort. Headphones weigh only 40 grams, and in this regard, I see only one competitor – Earpods from Apple. But here it is worth considering that Earpods are nevertheless positioned as 2 independent headphones, while Momentum Free is a full-fledged stereo headset.


Manufacturers have not forgotten about safety: the left and right earphones have small but durable magnets that mesh together when the headset just hangs on your neck. Given the length of the cable, I think losing them is almost an impossible task. Again, Apple’s headphones come to mind, the loss of which is not a difficult matter because they are plug-in and are not connected to each other. Agree, everyone was faced with the fact that such a plan, the headphones practically do not stick in your ears and fall out at any opportunity.

Specification and Sound

Sennheiser momentum free box

Naturally, I can not help but talk about the characteristics of the headphones. The information on the box and in the document reads as follows:

  • Bluetooth version 4.2 with support for HD Voice and the ability to connect two devices at the same time;
  • frequency range 15 – 22000 Hz;
  • built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 86 mAh;
  • 6 hours of continuous operation from one battery.

Sennheiser momentum earphones

Using headphones of such a plan involves not only listening to music. By preparing a review of Sennheiser Momentum Free In-Ear Wireless, I was convinced that with this, the headphones provide comfortable viewing of movies and games on a PC or smartphone. Definitely, lightweight and full support for AAC and Qualcomm apt-X codecs played a major role in this. Long listening hardly causes fatigue.

Sennheiser momentum earphones

The main task for me is playing music. Sennheiser has been at the forefront of audio technology for decades. Naturally, having different headphones from this manufacturer, I hoped that the new product would live up to my expectations.

The first thing that surprised me was the lack of oversaturated low frequencies, which is typical of most in-ear headphones, both wired and wireless. The reviews available at Sennheiser Momentum Free suggest that listening to loud electronic music or hip-hop is not the most prominent side of these headphones.

In exchange for the minimum presence of low frequencies, the user receives a clean and not overloaded sound. Sennheiser engineers were able to achieve a striking in-depth and elaboration of the music scene. These headphones are ideal for listening to classical music, as well as for modern. The lack of low frequencies can always be corrected with an equalizer.

After some experiments with the settings, I was convinced that electronic music is reproduced quite qualitatively and interestingly. For perfect headphone sound, you must ensure that the sound source has support for Qualcomm apt-X codecs when connected via Bluetooth. Otherwise, the sound will not reveal such high quality.

Using Momentum Free as a headset also does not cause any particular complaints. The interlocutor is heard clearly, the extra noise during the conversation does not distract.

The microphone copes with its tasks well, not every interlocutor understood that I was talking to him through the headset. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks is also not satisfactory.

Among other features, it is worth noting the operation of the Bluetooth module. The operating radius declared by the manufacturer is 10 meters. In practice, the good audio sound is kept at a distance of 6-8 meters, if the sound source is farther, noticeable deterioration in sound is heard. The same can be said about working as a headset. At a distance of 8 meters or more from the interlocutor’s telephone, one can clearly hear worse. But still, you should not put much emphasis on this, because often the sound source is at a much shorter distance, for example, in a backpack or jacket pocket.

Sennheiser momentum earphones box

Declared the ability to work with multiple devices simultaneously for organizing audio conferences. No less important and interesting function was the memory for 8 devices. The latter function is extremely convenient, due to the fact that reconnecting between the phone and, for example, the tablet takes a matter of seconds.

Ergonomics and Battery

Sennheiser momentum earphones with box

As mentioned above, the Momentum Free battery has a capacity of 86 mAh. At first glance, it may seem that such a capacity will not be enough and such a small battery is installed only for the sake of compactness and lightweight.

Practice showed a confident 6 hours of continuous operation at full volume. When the charge is low, a voice alert is activated. In standby mode, the headphones consume a minimum of energy and can lie in the case all day, without being completely discharged. Charging is via a USB port installed in the same unit as the control buttons.

Sennheiser momentum earphones diode

The battery charge time is on average 1.5 hours. The manufacturer recommends charging the headphones from a PC.

In addition, during charging, Sennheiser Momentum Free can work as full-fledged headphones in conjunction with a computer. The only negative point of this use is the lack of codecs. Let me remind you that they are activated only with a Bluetooth connection.

Sennheiser momentum earphones diode

The control buttons have additional functionality similar to other headsets. So, if you hold down the volume up button for more than 2 seconds, the next song will turn on, the volume down button works the same way. The central key allows you to answer the call and holding it for a long time – to end the call.


Sennheiser momentum earphones box

A lot of time has passed since the announcement, and only in late autumn, the release date of Sennheiser Momentum Free was set for December-January. At the time of writing this review, these headphones are already actively sold in our store. Despite the high price tag, which is largely due to the status of Sennheiser in the global audio market, we get wonderful sound in the most convenient and lightweight case.

The existing flaws are not critical and, given the work done by Sennheiser engineers, these headphones can definitely be considered as a future purchase.

Specification: Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review

Play Time Range
Price Range
Rating Range
Product Dimensions 12.4 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches
Item Weight 0.64 ounces
Shipping Weight 6.4 ounces
Batteries 1 Nonstandard Battery batteries required.

Videos: Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review

Photos: Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review

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  1. Alexander

    The set includes a box-case, which is quite large for these headphones. Although I carry it in a backpack, it is not convenient to take it out and put it away.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase. For me, the best in sound and ergonomics in their form factor. I advise.

    + PROS: Unlike others in this form factor, two headphones connected by one cable and a visually balanced battery with mechanical buttons are beautiful and there is no fear of losing one earpiece.
    - CONS: The point is controversial, for me personally, the sound is too flat, narrow and ideally plastic - it's like listening not to a live performance, but recording on professional equipment through the doorway of a concert hall. It seems to be cool, but you don't dive. Basically, you can twist the equalizer ... I haven't listened to it on a phone with an aptx codec and a separate DAC.
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  2. Ashish Singhal

    The sound is good if you only push them deeply into your ears. But this is someone like. It is necessary to select the earbuds. A terrible remote control, it is generally unrealistic to use gloves with gloves, it will drive you out. In general, I took the Bose Soundsport BT back from my wife, who have one drawback – they bulge out of their sports cap, you look fun.

    + PROS: Sound Working time
    - CONS: Magnets are about nothing. I would like to look into the eyes of the engineer who tested them.
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  3. Maxim

    Pleasure from music. Most plugs are dominated by bass; there is nothing of the kind here. The middle is not inferior to more expensive on-ear headphones.
    For myself, I see one improvement, I have already ordered it – this is the purchase of ear pads from Comply: better fixation in the ear, focused bass, noise isolation.

    + PROS: Frequency balance Crystal clear sound Excellent rendering and depth of the stage Very comfortable step of increasing the volume
    - CONS: Weak magnets
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  4. Dmitry

    Great Deal

    + PROS: They sound good, they tightly isolate the outside world, even in the subway the sound is excellent. They look like jewelry on a girl -) The charge is enough, in principle, for a normal time - it holds the declared 6 hours, and even if you forget to turn it off, the headphones are not discharged. When not in the ears, but on the neck, the magnetic inserts interlock the headphones and they make such a chain, it will be difficult to lose them -) The microphone is very good, with these headphones you can safely talk on the phone even on the street.
    - CONS: Charging is the only drawback, probably - it is inconvenient to charge headphones via microusb, magnetic charging would be more convenient.
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    Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review
    Sennheiser Momentum Free Special Edition: A Complete Review


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