Best Smartwatches of 2022: Top Picks

We’re far past the age where the only thing a watch can do is track and tell time. Technology keeps evolving and smartwatch manufacturers are also moving with this tide. Now, watches can do more than just tell time. 

The best smartwatch now connects to your phone and serves as a second screen for alerts. They now come with health features that can save your life.  Modern smartwatches come with fitness tracking capabilities, and inbuilt trackers to monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep, stress level, and a variety of other things using their extensive array of sensors and health functions. Here is a list of the best smartwatches you should buy in 2022.

Apple Watch Series 8: The Apple Watch Series 8 was released three weeks ago at Apple’s Far Out event. The most advanced features available for the Apple Watch are packed into this timepiece. This is the finest smartwatch for you as an iPhone user whether you want to use it for exercising, taking calls on the go, or using the top Apple Watch apps. 

Although the Apple series 8 looks very identical to its predecessor, the internal contents are extremely different and these new differences could save your life. Series 8 comes with a new body temperature sensor that can help track fevers and ovulation and it also has a new crash detection technology that can automatically call emergency services in the event of a car wreck. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: This is the best smartwatch for Android users. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has a new skin-temperature reader, a more scratch-resistant display, and a longer-lasting battery life. The Galaxy Watch 5 may not appear to be much that different from its predecessor at first glance. Still, a closer look reveals more advanced upgrades and development that makes the smartwatch a much better device than its predecessor. There is a 13%  improvement in the overall battery life, and a 60% upgrade in the display and screen quality. This display upgrade protects the watch not only from shattering but scratches too. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is available on Amazon at a fair price of $279.

Fitbit Versa 3: The smart watch is uniquely designed with health tools and features to help you stay active and fit 24/7.

One of the key features of the Versa 3  is a Pure Pulse heart-rate tracking system that is more precise, both for measuring heart rate at rest and during cardio and other active exercise zones.

Smart intelligence notifications assist you in shifting your habits and becoming more physically active and conscious. With the newly added GPS, you can go for your next run, stroll, or bike ride and leave your smartphone at home. Fitbit Versa is best for fitness tracking. 

Apple Watch SE: The watch delivers its value worth. It has all of the essential Apple Watch functionality and checks out at a lower starting price. Some of its key features are robust fitness tracking capabilities, communication features, waterproofing, and heart rate sensing. The health detection capabilities present in the Apple series 5 and 6 are absent in the SE model. The starting price for the Apple Watch SE is $279 about a $120 difference from the Series 6. The Apple Watch SE will be a great option for you if you care less about the absent health detection sensors. 

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