UE Fits Wireless Earbuds Adapt To The Wearer’s Unique Shape For Perfect Fit

As a rule, in-ear headphones are equipped with replaceable silicone tips of various sizes so that users with different auricle structures can wear them equally comfortably. This approach provides noise isolation and directs sound directly into the ear. Although it is not always possible to find the optimal earpieces, and in some cases, the headphones can cause discomfort.

To solve this problem, Ultimate Ears is offering every user the opportunity to get personalized UE Fits headphones that perfectly fill their unique ear canals. To do this, you don’t even have to contact a specialist and take measurements. The idea is to create unique personalized attachments on first use. For this, capsules with gel and LEDs are built into the headphones.

UE Fits wireless earbuds adapt to the wearer's unique shape for perfect fit

The first time you use it, you will need to use the UE Fits app, which is available for Android and iPhone. Through the application, you can initiate the process of forming an individual nozzle based on Lightform technology. After inserting the earphone into the ear, the gel is squeezed out and takes shape in accordance with the structure of the user’s ear. Then, under the influence of LEDs, the gel is compacted, hardened and permanently takes the shape of the user’s auricle. The whole process takes 60 seconds.

UE Fits wireless earbuds adapt to the wearer's unique shape for perfect fit

“This custom fit provides wearing comfort without pressure, pain or irritation, even after extended use,” the company says. “UE Fits also provide excellent passive noise isolation as the attachments installed create a natural seal that blocks out ambient noise.”

The fully wireless UE Fits earbuds can last up to 8 hours on a single charge (“over 20 hours” when using the charging case). The device supports SBC, AAC and Apt-X Bluetooth codecs. The UE Fits app can also be used to customize the headphone controls in addition to forming a unique attachment. The choice of users will be available in gray, lilac-purple and dark blue color options for the body.

UE Fits wireless earbuds adapt to the wearer's unique shape for perfect fit

The UE Fits wireless earbuds are customizable and are priced at $ 249. Their deliveries will begin this fall, but so far only in the United States. The company also says that buyers of this model will receive a 30-day “perfect fit” warranty.

Source: The verge

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