How to Eliminate Broken Sound from Headphones – 4 Ways

Listening to music on headphones in the presence of hiss and wheezing is not entirely comfortable. In this situation, it is important to establish the cause of the malfunction, and only after that make a decision on the possibility of repair.

Broken Sound Card

It is impossible to pinpoint the source of the problem if you do not know the headset device. The malfunction can manifest itself as constant noises or periodically disappearing hiss.

Extraneous sounds caused by incorrect settings are easily eliminated. Also, such defects can occur due to a malfunction of the connector and plug. It is easy to diagnose such a breakdown if the hiss appears when connecting new headphones. Then it can be assumed that the playback disruption is due to the gadget, not the headset. In such a situation, you need to check the state of the sound card and the correct installation of the drivers. There is only one solution in this case – a complete replacement of the failed computer assembly.

How to eliminate defects in sound in headphones - 4 ways

Damaged Wires

If experimentally it is possible to establish that the sound card is not broken, the problem will have to be looked for in the headphones themselves. Most likely, sound distortion occurs due to a violation of the integrity of the wires. Noises can occur when copper strands are refracted. Most often, the owner of a faulty headset has to deal with sound jumps. Breaks occur at the slightest outside influence on the wires. In this case, the place of violation of the integrity has to be looked for, cut off and soldered, connecting whole wiring.

Malfunctioning Ports and Connected Devices

Problems with USB input. Incorrect playback is possible if the ports through which the gadgets are connected are damaged. Sound may be affected by a faulty keyboard or mouse connected to the computer. During their operation, extraneous clicks will be heard.

It is possible to solve the problem if:

  • create a connection through a different port;
  • replace the faulty port with a new one;
  • purchase a headset that does not use wires.

If the computer is not repaired in a timely manner, a situation may arise when only one connector remains operational, and it is occupied by the splitter. The load on this part of the computer increases significantly, distortions and malfunctions appear.

Mouse malfunction. Extraneous sounds may occur when using the mouse, especially when scrolling the wheel. Experts recommend purchasing a new device.

How to eliminate defects in sound in headphones - 4 ways

Power Problems

Lack of grounding at the outlets. This defect is rare. At the same time, annoying crackles and clicks appear in the headphones. This type of malfunction occurs only in computers, laptops are initially grounded. It is possible to determine the problem in the operation of the gadget by using various headsets that are known to be in good working order. Extraneous noise will be present every time they are connected. Internal faults should be rectified in specialized repair shops.

Sound problems can occur if the music is played at full volume and cheap headphones are connected to the gadget.

The question of how to eliminate unpleasant noises when using a headset often arises from users. Sometimes it is difficult to do it yourself and you need to contact service centers.

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