How to Extend The Life Of Broken Headphones?

A cheap headset breaks down quickly, and a branded one is not always affordable for everyone. If you have a few broken headphones in your desk drawer, you can put together a good set of them. To do this, you need to check the parts for operability, and then assemble them.

Headphone build key points

No special knowledge is required to assemble new headphones from used ones. The main thing here is to have the necessary tools at hand. To work, you will need an electric soldering iron, a stationery knife, wire cutters and electrical tape. Let’s consider the main stages of the assembly:

  • checking the integrity of the wire and the operation of the speakers using a multimeter;
  • soldering the plug to the cable;
  • connecting the cable to the speakers;
  • assembly of parts inside the case.

Assembly parts are removed from old headphones or purchased from a store. The second option is economically unprofitable, since purchased parts will cost more than new headphones.

How to extend the life of broken headphones

What is needed during the assembly process

The main parts of a headphone are the plug, cable, speakers and microphone. The plug is used to connect headphones directly to the device. It is a rod with a diameter of 3.5 mm. Depending on the type of headphones, the plugs are:

  • two-pin for monaural headphones;
  • three-pin for stereo gadgets;
  • four-pin for a stereo headset with microphone.

In order for all the elements of the headset to be connected, a plug with the required number of contacts is selected. Conventional headphones use a 3-core cable. A headset with microphone requires a cable with 4 or 5 wires. It will not be difficult to understand the connection. The yellow wire is for grounding, and the rest of the wires are for signaling.

Distinguish between bass and tweeter, dome and conventional speakers. Simple ones are not very sensitive and powerful, but they are reliable. It makes no sense to buy this part separately. It’s easier to get the speakers out of non-working headphones that are suitable in size, because they must fit into the case of the future headset.

You will need a microphone for assembly. It is easy to separate it from old headphones with wire cutters along with a piece of wire. In order not to open the case, pieces of cable 3-5 cm long are left on both sides. The main wire of the headphones is connected to them, the color of the cores must match.

How to extend the life of broken headphones

Checking parts for suitability

First, using a multimeter, it is determined whether the current flows through the wires. On the plug, check whether the contacts are closed. To evaluate the performance of the speakers, the multimeter probe is connected to the contacts. The device will beep if they are working properly.

Assembling the headphones

It is better to start assembly with a plug. The signal ends of the right and left channels are connected to the side contacts, and the ground is connected to the longest contact. Headphones with microphone use a four-pin plug. Then they ring the cable, if there is a signal, put on the case. The strands of the second end of the wire are stripped and connected to the speakers by soldering with tin.

After that, the headphone cable is connected to the smartphone and the music is turned on. If the speakers are in good working order, they are mounted in the headphone case. The microphone is connected last. The cord is cut off slightly below the beginning of the bifurcation point, the ends are cleaned. A heat-shrinkable tube is put on the wires and connected together so that the colors of the wires match. The tubes are slid into the joints and melted by heating.

How to extend the life of broken headphones

To avoid unnecessary cable connections, you can open the microphone housing along the solder line. In this case, the non-working cable is unsoldered and a new one is connected directly to the board itself. After checking the operation of the microphone, the halves of the housing are glued to each other.

Will you try to assemble your own headphones yourself?


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