How to stop constantly buying new headphones: Breakage Protection and Care Rules

Headphones, regardless of design, are not protected from mechanical damage. The product cannot be repaired in most cases. Therefore, it is wise to take measures in advance that can increase the life of the product. More often than not, headphones fail due to kinks. The wire near the plug is especially vulnerable. If used carelessly, copper core breaks are formed here.

Why do headphones break

Factors leading to damage are divided into categories depending on the nature of the breakdown:

  1. Phone owners carry headphones mostly in their pockets. For protection, the plug must then be on top. The probability of breakage will decrease in this position several times. The weight of the phone will not press on the wire.
  2. There is no protective cover. To preserve the product, it is convenient to use a special clip, which will neutralize the effect on the headset when turning the head. Copper, which is used as a conductor, is a “soft” metal and breaks easily even with little effort.
  3. Careless care. Rough handling will damage the plug and connector. The junction is loose. As a result, extraneous noise appears when playing music. The plug should not be left in the socket, even when the gadget is turned off.
  4. Unsuccessful model. When choosing headphones, it is better to abandon gadgets with a straight plug or purchase an adapter for them. Part of the solution is to attach a small spring to the wire to prevent kinks.

The most vulnerable place

The connection between the wire and the speaker is the weakest link. This is the area where the cable breaks most often. Cheap headphone models are especially vulnerable. This is due to the sharp pulling of the earplugs out of the ear by the user himself. You need to take out the headphones carefully, holding the case.

In expensive products there is a protection system, but it is not a panacea either. There is a simple way to prevent breakage: Tie the cable in a knot before connecting to the speaker, which will become a stop preventing it from coming off. But even in this case, the cord cannot be pulled. It stretches and can be damaged over time. It is recommended to lay the wire behind the ears to minimize exposure.

Split cable

The headphones have a plastic stopper at this point. The probability of damage here is incredibly low, but it is impossible to completely exclude damage. The solution to the problem is to use a clamp. With its help, the wire is attached to clothing in the separation area.

How to stop constantly buying new headphones: breakage protection and care rules

Headphone rules

Do not neglect the basic rules of care to make your headphones last longer:

  1. It is forbidden to clean parts of the product with sharp tools and devices that are not intended for this.
  2. No need to use the headset in cold temperatures. Breakage can occur due to the formation of condensation.
  3. The plug is allowed to be disconnected after stopping the player or turning off the radio.
  4. Store headphones only in a special case that protects the contents from mechanical stress.

If these recommendations are followed, the possibility of breakage will be minimized. The safety of the headset depends largely on the owner. Respect for the product will postpone the purchase of new headphones indefinitely.

How to stop constantly buying new headphones: breakage protection and care rules

How long have you been using the latest headphones? At least a year in operation?

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