How to increase the bass of your headphones?

If you ask yourself how to increase bass on headphones – you are on the right place.
Bass plays a big role in musical composition. They give a certain style, depth and energy to the sound. Lovers of modern music, especially “electronic” music lovers, appreciate strong bass. There are tricks with which you can add amplification that will significantly reveal the potential of the headphones.

High quality sound source

A good source is just as important as a good headphone. Only with these two components can you achieve good sound. New technologies make it possible to combine the device – headphones, source, amplifier – and bring music quality to a high level. Therefore, the role of modern equipment for bass amplification is undeniable.

How to increase the bass in your headphones

Computer, laptop and other devices

The playback quality on a laptop or computer primarily depends on the sound card. It must meet the requirements for boards. The main functions are creation, transformation, amplification, sound reproduction.

The power of tablets and smartphones is not enough for good sound even when using strong headphones. Music players in this regard are more suitable for high-quality playback. With their help, you can boost bass and use the equalizer.


You shouldn’t expect strong bass from accessories in a low price category. Good sound can be obtained using expensive models. It is not necessary to chase famous brands, and there are suitable options among not quite promoted companies.


You need an amplifier to get powerful, clean sound. This is especially true when played back on smartphones. In this case, the full potential of the headphones is used. The track you listen to should also be of good quality: the higher the bitrate, the higher the data transfer rate and, accordingly, the richer sound, including bass.

How to increase the bass in your headphones

Warming up the headphones

Despite the fact that this method is controversial, many music lovers use it. It is as follows: the headphones must work at high volume for a certain time. Sound coming from a source acts on thin membranes, causing them to vibrate. This is the essence of warming up.

However, there are nuances. Instead of music, it is better to use pink noise, which can be downloaded from the Internet. When warming up, sounds of different frequencies and amplitudes are used. You also need to set the volume to the highest.

For small earbuds, 12 hours of warm-up is enough, medium ones can work up to 24 hours. Expensive large models require at least 48. Only dynamic headphones are subjected to this method. On reinforcement bars, it is useless. The developed headphones must be used immediately, otherwise the sound will return to its previous quality. It is necessary to repeat the warming up periodically, only with less time – from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

How to increase the bass in your headphones

Increase bass with an equalizer

An effective way to boost bass is to use an equalizer. For devices running on Mac OS, iOS, Android, there is a developed application available for download. There is also a special program on the Windows platform. With these applications, you can customize almost professional sound. First, the headphones are connected to the device. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to application settings.
  • Open equalizer in soundcard software.
  • Choose a template that suits your style.

You can also manually adjust the bass boost. To do this, select a frequency below 1000 Hz (1 kHz), especially in the range from 20 to 200 Hz. Use the sliders to set the strength of the frequencies. Increasing the values ​​of the two extreme cuts results in a richer bass sound.

It is important to strike the right balance. If you increase the low frequencies, they will begin to suppress other sounds. The melody in this case will sound distorted. It has been found that increasing the value by 3-5 dB is better suited.

How to increase the bass in your headphones

Which method are you using and why?

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