What characteristics your electronics should have? Tips for a long life experience

The sizes of phones and tablets make it easy to fit in your pocket. Together with them, the size of the headphones has decreased. The headset plays music and radio. Such models are indispensable on the road and on vacation. Massive headphones are commonly used at home and in studios. Each model has its own technical characteristics. The quality of sound transmission and signal strength depends on them.

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What are the headphones?

On store shelves, there are headphones made in different styles:

  • Droplets;
  • Liners;
  • Vacuum;
  • Overhead;
  • Monitor.


Advantages: easy to insert into the auricle. Designed to securely fit the speakers in your ear. They are sold mainly cheaply due to the primitive device.

But when buying, it is difficult to guess with the shape and size due to the structural features of the outer ear. The droplets are unable to reproduce frequencies in the lower register due to the size of the speakers. Sound insulation is poor. They are gradually being ousted from the market by more successful models. Often they come with the phone for free. Rarely found on the free market.


They differ from others by special silicone pads. Attaches securely to the inside of the ear. From the pros – all frequencies are freely reproduced. Do not fall out during operation. Soundproofing at the highest level. Listening to musical compositions at a high noise level is excellent both in the car and on the street and in the subway.

But not available to everyone because of the high cost. At maximum sound levels, hearing is impaired. They do not let in noises from the outside, which can be dangerous when crossing the road. Needs periodic cleaning.


Designed to fit snugly around your ears. They are connected to both tablets and a player. They are well fixed, sound clean, including thanks to the improved membrane.

Among the disadvantages is poor sound insulation, so extraneous noise easily penetrates from outside. They cause discomfort during operation due to their large size.


Monitor headphones are good too. They cover the auricle in full. Capable of transmitting all frequencies. They are produced in two versions: open and closed. The latter are used primarily in music studios. Open offer the user to connect to indoor gadgets.

Despite their good sensitivity and clear sound, they are too heavy. The high price of some models is especially frightening off buyers.

What characteristics should headphones have so that tomorrow you don't have to buy new ones?

Everything is relative

Plug-in ear pads are the worst at transmitting music because of the specifics of their design. Vacuum ones are loud, sometimes competing with full-size ones in this indicator. It is recommended to choose a headphone model depending on the gadget. For smartphones and phones, tablets and earbuds are ideal. Invoices work in conjunction with the tablet. The price of the product increases not only because of the model, but also from the build quality.

What types are better and more convenient in your opinion?

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