How to fold your headphones to avoid tangled wires

Music lovers cannot imagine their life without headphones. The thing is really useful, if not for one annoying drawback – long wires constantly strive to get tangled. You want to enjoy the music, but you have to spend a lot of time to fix this nerve-racking situation.

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Meanwhile, instructions on how to properly store this gadget have long been invented. They are so light that, after reading the article to the end, we can safely say that the master class on folding the headphones has been passed. These methods are always available, and the things with which they are used can be found in every home or work.

How to fold your headphones to avoid tangled wires

Through dexterous manipulation

A little dexterity and dexterous hands will cope with tangled wires. You just need to consistently follow the instruction, consisting of 5 points:

  1. Place the headphones in your hand so that the speakers are above your index finger.
  2. Twist the wires while twisting them clockwise. Leave at the end a “tail” no more than 10 centimeters long.
  3. Twist this remainder perpendicular to the already wound part.
  4. Pass the last 2-3 centimeters of the wire into the hole of the resulting “bundle”.
  5. You can put the headphones in the space provided for them.
How to fold your headphones to avoid tangled wires

Special holder

Along with the headphones, you can buy a special holder or organizer. It can be made from different materials. A very convenient, useful and easy-to-use thing. To do this, wind the wires around the mini-spool and click the clasp. Such a device can be easily made with your own hands. This requires a small piece of leather, suede or felt and a large button.

How to fold your headphones to avoid tangled wires

Smartphone and player go to the rescue

If there are no special devices at hand, the phone is always there. It will serve as a temporary storage for the headphones and will not let the wires get tangled. You just need to wrap the gadget with them, and pass the free part through the formed loop. A small player is used for the same purpose.

How to fold your headphones to avoid tangled wires

Wine bottle cork

No wonder. The cork can also be given a second life by adapting it to the headphone coil. As with the phone example, wires are wound around it. At the end, it is better to make a small cut where the end of the wire will be fixed. The rough surface of the cork will prevent slipping. This life hack is convenient because you can carry the cork with you in your pocket.

How to fold your headphones to avoid tangled wires

Stationery clip

Not a bad idea when there are no other options. You can carefully roll up the wires, and fix the resulting skein with a paper clip. Or clamp one end in the clip, and wind the other, long, around the clip itself. A female crab hairpin, as well as a clothespin, will do.

The above methods are suitable for wired headphones. Wireless options are also sold. These headphones are more convenient to store, in addition, they will last longer due to the lack of wires – the most vulnerable part of this device. Although there is a chance of accidentally losing one.

How to fold your headphones to avoid tangled wires

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