What exactly breaks in the headphones and can they be repaired?

A breakdown of the headset prevents the owner of the gadget from freely listening to his favorite music. Depending on the type of malfunction, a prediction is made regarding the maintainability of the headset. In some cases, the problem is solved quite simply, then special knowledge and skills are not required to eliminate the defect.

The most common type of malfunction is a breakdown of one of the speakers, which causes the sound to disappear in that part of the system. If the headphone model is cheap, they don’t repair it, but send it straight to the junk and purchase a new product. Dear ones, they carry it to the repair shop.

What exactly breaks in the headphones and can they be repaired

List of possible breakdowns

Headphones, especially cheap models, require careful handling. Any carelessness will damage the headset. Major breakdowns:

  • Break in the wire, resulting in no sound at all;
  • Breakage of the plug, as a result, the music will disappear and then appear;
  • Defective speakers, which causes noise and volume reduction;
  • Refraction of some veins.

The more accurately the reason for the failure of the headphones is determined, the higher the likelihood of an effective repair.

What exactly breaks in the headphones and can they be repaired

Speaker malfunctions causing sound to disappear

The most common defect is a cable break either near the speaker or in the area of ​​the plug. The cause of such a malfunction is the careless attitude of the owner towards the product. This defect cannot be eliminated. Headphones cannot be repaired.

Problems with the transfer of music can arise due to damage to the speaker itself. As in the previous version of the defect, the gadget cannot be repaired.

The situation can be corrected only in a situation where the music has disappeared due to problems with the driver. In this case, the manufacturer of the model is found out and the necessary software is downloaded on its website. A computer is required to do this work. After restarting, normal transmission should resume. Such actions will give a positive result when it comes to an expensive branded model. This method of solving the problem is not suitable for cheap headsets. Sound may be distorted due to membrane contamination. In this case, vibration will not be fully realized.

What exactly breaks in the headphones and can they be repaired

Is it realistic to fix a broken cable in the headphones

First you need to find the place of the wire defect. The first step is to prepare the appropriate tools. The headset owner is faced with the task of opening the wire at the intended break point. For this, a layer of rubber is removed and the core is exposed. Further, in the place of damage, soldering is carried out using rosin and tin. After that, the headset is reconnected to the gadget and the sound is checked. The place where it was was cut off the braid, twisted with electrical tape or closed with a heat shrink tube.

Membrane work

First, the speaker case is spun or disconnected. The wires located here are being studied for the possibility of breaking. The membrane is a translucent film. It should be gently wiped off with alcohol and replaced.

Are the headphones being repaired – this question is asked to specialists every time an annoying malfunction makes it impossible to listen to music with the usual comfort. It is impossible to answer it unequivocally. In such a situation, it is best to contact a workshop to diagnose the malfunction.

Have you tried fixing the headphones yourself?

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