AirPods Causes Phobia: 4 Situations Their Owners are Afraid of

Now AirPods are especially popular among phone accessories. Despite this, these headphones have many disadvantages. The main disadvantage is poor sound quality. Also, the headphones do not hold well. According to many users, it is the unreliable fixation that is the main disadvantage. Due to poor fit, there are other factors to consider when buying headphones.

The accessory may fall out and get lost

The correct fit on your ears depends on the type of earbuds. The earbuds cannot be adjusted to fit your ear. And so the earbuds can fall out quickly. This problem was described by the artist Pablo Rohat from San Francisco. He made stickers in the shape of headphones and scattered them around the city. And then I posted the post on my page. The post with stickers got over 50,000 likes. And the number of video views has increased to 200,000. Using AirPods, people have a fear of losing them. At the same time, they try not to shake their heads once again. Usually, users try to bypass places with sewage and water, and also do not wear winter hats. Because if the earbuds fall out and are lost, you will need to buy them again. At the same time, wireless headphones cost more than $100.

AirPods cause phobias: 4 situations their owners are afraid of

Headphones may break

Poor fixation can also cause the device to break. The body of the newfangled accessories is made of fragile plastic. If dropped on a hard surface, the earbuds may fly apart.

Bad orientation

The new AirPods are noise canceling. Using such an accessory, it is difficult to navigate the surrounding area. Better to wear headphones on the subway or on the bus. When walking through crowded streets, you will have to constantly look around. After all, nothing is heard through the headphones.

AirPods cause phobias: 4 situations their owners are afraid of

Using AirPods while on a call

When using, many do not pull the headphones out of their ears, especially during a conversation. This is due to certain reasons. For starters, early airpods may allow extraneous sound to pass through. Secondly, as a beautiful and expensive accessory, the headphones adorn the exterior. Also, the device is lightweight and therefore hardly felt. Also, many people find it uncomfortable to constantly pull the accessory out of their ears. The music can of course be turned off. But the catch is that the interlocutor does not know if the person hears him. It may seem to him that the interlocutor does not pay attention to him and goes about his business.

AirPods cause phobias: 4 situations their owners are afraid of

And therefore, in order not to be afraid of loss, before buying, you need to try on the device, evaluate the reliability of fixation. If desired, instead of AirPods, you can choose another model of wireless headphones.

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