Why can’t my Smartphone detect my wireless headphones?

Recently, wireless earbuds are gaining more and more popularity, they have become a real hit. This is an ideal option, allowing you not only to constantly listen to the sounds of music, but also not to worry about connecting wires. Almost all manufacturers began to produce wireless headphones. But then there were problems with the connection.

Smartphone can't see wireless headphones: why?

What to look for the reason when the headphones are not connected?

If everything was done following the instructions, but the pairing did not happen, perhaps the root of evil lies in the headphones themselves. The most common causes of this phenomenon:

  1. Compatibility issues. Devices are initially incompatible with each other. For example, Bluetooth connection version 5 will never connect to a phone with version 3 or 2. This is basically impossible because the developers warn in advance what software should be present in the phone. Typically, this information is marked on the product box. And, as a rule, to attract attention, important information is printed in large and bold type. Therefore, the user needs to be careful not to be disappointed.
  2. The headset is not working properly. Headset problems can occur on any device. It is also possible that one earphone or power supply unit or microphone may break. In order to correct this situation, you need to contact the store where the product was purchased. The purchaser must provide a sales receipt and warranty card. Since this product is not a technical one, a replacement or a refund must be made within 14 days. In order not to get trapped, you should give preference to well-known brands and firms. As a rule, they value their reputation and are responsible for the quality and performance of the product.
  3. Phone problem. This is also a common occurrence. If everything is in order with the headset, then most likely it is the smartphone that is the culprit for the fact that it is not possible to connect the Bluetooth headphones. To begin with, you can travel in the settings, find the Bluetooth section, check if all the options are activated. Only after completing all operations can you try to reconnect the headphones. If all of the above steps did not help, it is better for the user to contact the service center, where specialists will help solve the problem.

Have you faced a similar situation?


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