5 myths about the dangers of headphones

The question of the harm of headphones causes a lot of controversy and conflicting opinions. People are sure that the gadget can seriously harm the health of the listener. But if you think about it, then even without headphones, a person is surrounded by a lot of noise. One metro is worth something. If you do not neglect the recommendations for use, then they will not bring any harm.

Experts sound the alarm

According to WHO statistics, 1/10 of the population has hearing problems, including deafness. Moreover, the number of people whose hearing decreases has increased. Experts associate such changes with the use of headphones, and doctors are trying in every possible way to prove their harm to the hearing organs. Listening to music at volume over 100 dB is considered especially dangerous. Regular exposure to this sound can lead to deafness.

5 myths about the dangers of headphones

Most headphone users listen to music at a volume of 70-90 dB and feel comfortable. The volume is sometimes forced to be increased by ambient noise. But you can choose headphones with noise canceling, then the outside world will not be heard and there will be no need for maximum volume. A short-term excess of the permissible sound level does not pose a danger, but constant listening can really do harm.

Myths and reality

The media create a huge number of speculative articles about the harmful effects of headphones on human health. For the most part, their conclusions are unfounded and misleading. The most common myths are worth considering.

Myth 1. Listening to music with headphones leads to hearing loss

The distributors of this statement rely on the research of Robert Novak. He noticed that some people who use headphones have hearing loss. Journalists decided to exaggerate this fact, saying that people lose hearing from headphones. But in fact, hearing problems appear only when you regularly listen to music at a volume that exceeds the permissible level.

5 myths about the dangers of headphones

Myth 2. You can become deaf from in-ear and in-ear headphones

It’s just that when using these types of headphones, the sound needs to be made a little quieter. The effect of pressure on the ear and the size of the device are in inverse proportion. On-ear and over-ear headphones have a 9 dB lower exposure level. It is worth considering this fact for the prevention of hearing problems.

Myth 3. In-ear headphones contribute to the development of ear lesions, including fungal

In reality, such a device cannot be the cause of infection. After all, it needs a nutrient medium, which the material of the headphones is not. Poor immunity or microtrauma is more dangerous for the development of ear lesions.

Myth 4. Using headphones reduces intelligence

An absurd statement that has no evidence. From this position, any sound source can drive you crazy. On the contrary, listening to music, a person gets the emotions he needs and some kind of solitude.

5 myths about the dangers of headphones

Myth 5: Regular use of headphones leads to hearing loss

Long-term daily use of headphones can lead to hearing problems, but everything is not so critical and depends on the user’s awareness. Many people use headphones for the nature of their work, for example, dispatchers, sound engineers. Moreover, the time of use is much more than the recommended 4 hours. However, this does not mean that representatives of such professions are more prone to hearing problems than others.

Subject to the rules of use, the headphones are completely safe and not harmful to health. It is enough to adhere to some recommendations:

  • choose a quality gadget;
  • the volume level should not exceed 60% of the maximum possible (no more than 100 dB);
  • usage time – no more than 4 hours a day;
  • give preference to headphones with high noise isolation;
  • do not use headphones in noisy places to avoid having to turn up the volume.

Headphones are a necessary and convenient gadget. You can listen to music or audiobooks loudly anywhere without disturbing anyone. The main thing is a sense of proportion. But it is better not to trust information that is not confirmed by real facts. The technique is not as dangerous as the thoughtless actions of the user.

Are you afraid to listen to music for a long time or do not believe in the harm of headphones?


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