TOP 7: How to spot the Difference between Original and Fake Earbuds?

How to distinguish original headphones from a fake? Finding original headphones from popular brands in 2020 is easy.

Buying headphones from normal stores makes the issue of fakes irrelevant. But if you are determined to buy headphones in unverified places, then with the help of 7 differences between the original headphones and the fake, in 1-2 minutes, you can determine whether it’s a copy of the original.

TOP 7: Differences between the original headphones and the fake (in 2020)

  1. The absence of a barcode on the packaging or a fake barcode (we check using a barcode scanner);
  2. Suspiciously low price (more than 30%, unlike the original);
  3. Cheap packaging that has clear differences from the original;
  4. Sound quality (deaf, with cut frequencies, mumbling);
  5. Design differences, parsing below, for example, Apple EarPods ;
  6. Intentional mistakes in the name (that would not be condemned);
  7. Oversupply of advertising information on the packaging;

Details for Each Item:

  1. Lack of barcode or fake barcode on the packaging. For example, on Beats fakes, instead of the original barcode sticker, it’s the picture. A barcode scanner to help you (by phone, using the application ). You can, and by the code in the search, you can check the originality in 1 minute;
  2. Suspiciously low price. If for the “original” AKG K872 they ask for $ 200 (and their real cost is actually 10 times higher), then from real headphones they only have a name.
  3. Cheap packaging that differs from the original. If the “branded” earbuds are offered in a box of yellow technical cardboard, then it is better to refrain from buying, even if the seller is trying to convince you of their originality. Faded printing, blurry colors. The same arguments can be made here, so I won’t repeat myself. The box itself may be damaged during transportation, but more than a dozen years must pass before the colors fade.
  4. Sound quality (deaf, with cut frequencies, mumbling). The sound will immediately tell you everything, so listen!
  5. Design differences using Apple EarPods as an example;
  6. Intentional mistakes in the title. Here you need to be extremely careful and spell (once again – LETTERS!) Check the model index. For example, Sony NWZ-WS613 is one of the best sports headphones available on the market. They are quite expensive – about $ 170, but for lovers of high-quality sound, the costs will be completely justified. But the model “Soni NWZ-WS613” (4 characters difference!) Has nothing to do with the eminent Japanese brand and, most likely, was produced in a semi-underground workshop.
  7. Oversupply of advertising information on packaging. Well-established manufacturers avoid over-praise, so phrases like Ultra-Super Bass or Crystal Clear Sound with Dolby Surround should be taken with at least skepticism.

How to distinguish fake Apple Earpods for iPhone headphones?

Fake Apple EarPods

  1. There is no extruded manufacturer logo.
  2. Poor packaging (stains, plastic lubricated).
  3. Noticeable seams.
  4. Asymmetric exhaust mesh speakers with foam.
  5. Visible gaps.
  6. Poor fixation of the wire, which, in addition, is too thin and fragile.
  7. The lack of the inscription “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.”
  8. “Left” text blocks.
  9. Extruded text “HTTP”.
  10. Tight and loud buttons of the control unit.

How to distinguish original Apple headphones about build quality:

A fake will always be different from the original. Shape, wire, and switch. For fakes, they are not significant, but still different from the original. Take a look at the picture of the headphones for the iPhone Earpods just above, this is a comparison of the original with a fake. What do you think to fake up or down? Right! Up. If the wire is soft, unnaturally rubber to the touch, when the parts are assembled crookedly and not symmetrically, this is a fake.

Before going to the store, carefully study the model data on the Internet, arm yourself with a smartphone, or try to remember important details. It’s better to drop the photo on your phone or tablet, and only then buy it (this applies to unverified places).

How to distinguish fake from the original Samsung Galaxy headphones?

  • The pale inscription “Samsung”.
  • Inaccurate joint seam.
  • The thinner wire bends easier.
  • Smaller button stroke.
  • “Lubricated” pressing.
  • A plug with a golden hue (in the original it is closer to gray).

How to distinguish the original Beats Pro and the fake?

Examples are considered on the Beats Pro and Beat Solo models, but they are relevant for all models.

1) Box

The very first thing that can give you an alarm is, of course, the box. Take a look and check the serial number on the sticker. For example, with fake headphones it is imprinted in the package, in the original it is a sticker:

There is also a description in 5 different languages, while a fake has only 3, and sometimes more than 5.

Plus to all the image printed on the box is distinguished by picture quality:

2) Original Bits – are out of any bags and procrastination:

The cable is noticeably different in color from the original:

3) The whole truth is in the details

If you carefully peer into the headphones, you can find a lot of clues by which it is easy to determine the originality of the headset or to refute it:

On the headphone case, in clear and understandable language, you can see the well-known inscription “Beats” :

The engraving on the inside and the cable is also clearly visible, and in the fake everything is applied with cheap paint:

The easiest way to distinguish a fake Beats Solo is by price:

If you find a price for a new model, at least 50% lower, be sure that you have a fake.

Having played a little “find 3 differences”, everything will immediately become clear to you :). It’s easier than ever to look at the price by comparing it with the original and everything will instantly become clear.

Organizations that are engaged in fakes as if not trying to copy the product, ideally they still will not do it. A fake remains a fake and will always be different: unevenly glued labels or non-symmetrical details.

If everyone specifically wants to buy a fake, then this is your choice. But neither good sound, nor the strength of materials, nor comfort, you will not see. Good luck with your investment.

Having said that the number of fakes at Bits is huge, this is to say nothing. In fact, there are as many Chinese models as there are originals and it’s a little scary.

Briefly about Beats fakes:

  • Sticker without a serial number.
  • The printing is lighter, and the graphics are blurry.
  • Too many characters on the box (the original should be 5 languages).
  • Inaccurate packaging made of cheap plastic.
  • There is no “tongue” with which you can pull out the indoor unit.
  • The cable is gray and thinner.
  • Cracks and chips on the liners themselves.
  • Headband made of cheap rubber.

But back to the prices of the original models. The cheapest Beats Heartbeats model costs an average of $ 80 , the most expensive (in our stores) Beats Pro, fairly large headphones that cost an average of  $ 380 .

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