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Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best value


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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #3 in category Wireless Earbuds
There are many different people who would make different conclusions about whether to buy these earbuds or not. All that matters here is that you get your Mpow X3ANC and use it with pleasure to enjoy all the great things it has to offer with this price ($49.99). So what should you make of the Mpow X3ANC? It is simply a solid set of earbuds that cost as much as its competition. If you want to experience the best of wireless earbuds, then you should definitely consider getting one of these.
Noise Cancellation
  • One step paring
  • Immersive sound with a punchy bass
  • 4 Mics environmental noise cancellation
  • Active noise cancelation feature
  • IPX8 & Intimate earbuds design
  • Call quality is more like 19$ earbuds
  • Cheap material of the battery box

Mpow X3ANC Bluetooth Earbud Review – How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow X3 Amplified Noise Cancelling Technology: The original Mpow X series were renowned for being able to cancel out noise when used with active noise cancelling technology (also known as Air Wave), which made the headphones much more versatile and desirable. Now, the Mpow X series from Mpow are equipped with patented technologies that combine the worlds of passive and active noise cancelling. Mpow X3 Amplified Noise Cancelling Technology is a combination of cutting-edge wireless technology and advanced acoustic modeling to deliver excellent audio performance. This innovative technology allows users to enjoy superior audio performance without draining the battery nor sacrificing the battery’s life. Active noise cancelling technologies like Mpow X series use patented technology to cancel out external noise while preserving the natural tone of your music.

Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds

Active Noise Cancelling: Mpow X series use advanced passive electronics to cancel out external noise without disturbing your music. Mpow X series have the technology to handle calls with voice replies, which are controlled by your own unit through the Bluetooth technology and also has the capability to play MP3 music with no wire needed. Mpow Wireless Earbuds work silently and effectively in any environments. This will leave absolutely no evidence that you are wearing any type of wireless headphones, including wireless Bluetooth earbud headphones. These innovative earphones are perfect to be used while driving, at the gym, or just about anywhere else!

Mpow In-ear: Mpow In-ear Wireless Earbuds utilize a custom-made silicone sleeve that is padded around its entire ear canal to help prevent unwanted battery drain and long term damage to the ears. These wireless earbuds are cordless and are great for people who want a discreet way to enjoy their music. The Mpow In-ear model comes with a standard earphone as well as a special Noise Cancelling microphone that you will need to connect to your PC or laptop for receiving the music. There is a charging station that allows you to plug the cordless headphones into your laptop or PC to charge your phone or other devices.

Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds: Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds utilizes an advanced noise-cancelling microphone that works much like your normal wired headphones but incorporates the technology to wirelessly charge your phone, regardless if you are on the go or at home. You can easily take these in-ear style Bluetooth wireless headphones anywhere, even with your car. You can keep your favourite songs and your work files in the same earphones that you use to drive to work, without having to carry your mobile phone. Simply make sure that you follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbud, which is a rechargeable battery, to ensure that you get the most out of your pair of in-ear headphones.

So what exactly makes Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds so different from your typical Bluetooth earbud? There are many different features such as noise-cancelling microphones, built in speakers, and even a foldable stand that allow you to place it conveniently on your desk or in your bag to save time and effort. If there’s one thing that sets this set apart from other Bluetooth headset models, however, is the fact that you can also purchase additional cable for syncing up your MP3 player and other wireless equipment. You will also be able to connect it to your PC or laptop, making it truly portable.

One of the main reasons why people have started getting interested in Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds is because they feature a noise-cancelling microphone that eliminates background sounds. It is also equipped with a low battery indicator that lets you know how long the battery has been charged. Quick charge provides you with a standard 5 hours of playback time. The charging case itself is quite small, which allows you to easily carry it around without a sweat.

Since the Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth earpiece uses its own in-ear design, it means that you don’t have to deal with wires coming out of your ears. With the standard cable, you would have to connect the in-earphone to your computer, and then use the USB cord to connect to your iPod or cellular phone. If you are traveling or want to listen to your favorite music anywhere you go, you can simply unplug your MP3 device from the cable and plug the adapter into the adapter port on the Mpow X3 ANC.

You may think that these types of in-ear devices are not as sophisticated as a wired device, but this is far from the truth. Most advanced devices in the market today have noise cancelling microphones, and they also offer a built-in charging port. Compared to wired devices, the wireless device can offer up to 30 hours of playback time. If you are looking for a simple, compact set of earphones that will provide you with excellent sound quality and a secure and comfortable fit, the Mpow X3 ANC is definitely worth checking out.

Conclusion: Should you buy Mpow X3?

The Mpow X3 wireless earbuds sound amazing for their low price of $49.99 with the hours it can play and excellent sound specially bass and the great feature of active noise cancellation.

Specification: Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best value

Play Time Range
Price Range
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Item Weight 2.15 ounces
Product Dimensions 4.13 x 4.13 x 2.2 inches

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Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best value
Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Best value


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