- 43% BeatsX Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Review

BeatsX Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Review


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7.2/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #18 in category Wireless Earbuds
We got great headphones for the money, and with BeatsX Apple will definitely grab a decent piece of the pie in the category of wireless devices. I recommend to all sellers to stock up on this model. I advise all consumers to pay attention to BeatsX, given the above. PS It’s not worth buying for sports!
  • Nice design, comfortable to wear, hide under the collar
  • A regular Lightning connector will delight all owners of Apple technology
  • With iOS, the connection is very simple
  • Thanks to the W1 chip, when connected to one device in an iCloud bundle, the headphones immediately become known to all other gadgets. But, alas, it will not work to simultaneously connect the headphones to a smartphone and tablet-based on iOS
  • All controls are available without a smartphone thanks to the buttons on the remote control
  • Good sound quality
  • Good voice quality
  • Fast charge, working time about 8 hours
  • Magnets in cups, convenient to carry in the stowed position
  • It is not clear how the device software update will be organized
  • It is a pity that you can not connect simultaneously to the tablet and smartphone. Perhaps not yet

BeatsX Wireless Earbuds: Features and Specifications as mentioned on Amazon

  • Up to 8 hours of battery life for when you’re on the go
  • With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playback when the battery is low.
  • Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort with easy purse and pocket portability.
  • Take calls, control your music, and activate Siri with RemoteTalk.
  • What’s in the Box: BeatsX earphones, eartips with four size options, Lightning to USB-A charging cable, quick start guide, warranty card

BeatsX Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Review

Compared to AirPods, these are not such innovative headphones, but in life, BeatsX can please no less: they use the Lightning connector, the sound quality is good, the dimensions are minimal, the controls are convenient.

Contents of Product

  • Headset
  • Case
  • Nozzles (must be packed)
  • Lightning cable
  • Documentation, sticker
  • Three-month trial subscription to Apple Music

Design, construction

The headset was announced with AirPods and, like AirPods, was delayed when it arrived on the market – most likely, Apple licked the device’s software until the last time so that the gadget owners would enjoy using it. I can immediately say that there is pleasure, and those who were waiting for BeatsX will not be disappointed.

The device comes in high-quality packaging familiar to Beats, where a lot of things are pleasant for the owner – the nozzles are packed in plastic, like tablets, there is a rubber carrying case, in addition to documentation, there is a sticker with the Beats logo, red-black, it’s not a shame to attach it to a laptop or refrigerator.

The headset itself is two small blocks connected by a flexible jumper, it can be twisted as you like, and nothing will happen to them. Most likely, nothing will happen to them during the operation. The wiring around the headphones causes great concern; they are too thin. The cups are small. They have magnets in the stowed position, which stick together.

In the stowed position, you can tuck the jumper under the shirt collar, polo, use the headset in this way quite conveniently, the hanging cables are glued together, if you want, you listen to music or talk or hang it on your chest.

You can use only the left ear; it is from this site that there is a remote control with a microphone, volume buttons. The control scheme is the same as with any other Apple headset: one-click stops playback or activates it, two and three clicks – rewind. The microphone is not bad; there are no questions regarding the quality of voice transmission.

BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds

The device is available in four colors: grey, blue, black, white. It is a pity that there are no classic beats, black and red. Maybe this version will appear later. The most scarce color is grey; in the online store, the waiting time is about four to six weeks.

BeatsX wireless earbuds

On the block on the right is the power button. It is also responsible for pairing. The headset is connected to iOS devices in the same way as AirPods: press the button for five seconds, a pop-up window appears on the iPhone screen with a connection offer. In the settings of the smartphone, you can rename the headset. Of course, the operating time is displayed in the menu of additional devices. The work of the iPhone + Apple Watch + BeatsX bundle does not raise questions. You will only need to get used to it by turning on the headphones with the second press.

BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds

You immediately pay attention to the Lightning connector. Let me remind you that this is the first Beats headphones with such a connector, any cable is suitable, the kit is short black, Apple owners can use it with headphones, and charge using external batteries. A complete rubber cover, the headphones fit in there entirely, but it is easier to fold them in ordinary life and put them in your jacket pocket.

The attachment of the nozzles is ordinary. You can attach Comply or any others. Wearing BeatsX is comfortable for a long time. If your AirPods do not hold, sit poorly, fall out, then these headphones are unlikely to have problems. In the kit, there are nozzles of different sizes. I advise you to try different ones and achieve maximum comfort.

Passive noise reduction is at a good level, better than the already mentioned AirPods – still, the design is completely different. But do not hope to completely hide from the noise, only specialized devices with an active noise reduction system will help here.

BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds

Working hours

The declared operating time is about 8 hours, about as much as expected from the device. There is a quick charge; five minutes of network connection gives two hours of listening to music. A good function for several cases: you decide to walk on the track, quickly charge the device – please go, listen to music.

Alas, when you connect the Lightning cable, the headphones immediately turn off. That is, charging and watching a movie at the same time will not work. However, the location of the connector is quite convenient for charging and simultaneous use. Maybe later, such a function will be added through a software update.

BeatsX wireless earbuds


For sports, I would recommend buying other headphones. There is no protection against sweat, the bow jumps while running, or intensive walking. The Beats X element – use in the city, walks, gatherings in cafes, watching movies on the tablet in various conditions, games, music on the way to the subway, ideal headphones for public transport. Compact, lightweight, with good passive noise isolation.

BeatsX wireless earbuds BeatsX wireless earbuds

The headphones use the Apple W1 chip, as in AirPods and other Beats headphones, Bluetooth Class 1 is announced. In real life, the operating range is not bad, about 15 meters in line of sight. If there are obstacles, then interruptions begin.

Many people ask me, so which headphones to buy, AirPods or BeatsX? It is difficult to answer this question because the devices are too different. The first one attracts the eye, and if you don’t like it, it’s better to choose the classics. The classic, I’m talking about BeatsX, has all the usual attributes like cables – after AirPods, it infuriates a little.

In the AirPods subway, they miss the sound, and people listen to music with you, BeatsX gives more intimacy. Charging from any BeatsX Lightning cable without any covers seems more convenient than implementing AirPods charging – on the other hand, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. But AirPods do not need to be laid in a case, and they are easier to lose, although BeatsX can be forgotten somewhere just as well, and then you will have to buy new ones.

It’s hard to say which is better – ultra-compact AirPods or more or less conventional BeatsX. I can say that I often take AirPods with me, but I also rarely visit public transport.

And I can definitely say that Apple now has at least two killer products in the category of wireless headphones, and few devices on the market can compete with AirPods and BeatsX on equal terms. Do not forget about advertising, PR pumping, both young and old know about both models very well, they were waiting for them, they were interested, they asked, it was worth appearing on sale, and many reviews came out.

Maximum hype and, therefore, the average young music fan, in any case, includes the Apple / Beats headphones in his comparative matrix as a kind of good option for all occasions – at least friends know about these headphones, which means it’s cool.


Here again, my comrades are pushing my arm, wanting to know how the BeatsX sound is compared to AirPods. AirPods have custom speakers, and I find the sound great for a wireless headset. What does BeatsX have? No one says anywhere. But listening to music and podcasts is nice – for me, AirPods is better, but BeatsX, due to a different design, can please lovers of low frequencies. Sound quality very much depends on the type of file or the selected streaming service. For the hundredth time, I’ll advise you to use an iOS player called Vox.

Download a podcast in poor quality – frown on no high, some nasty middle. Upload your jazz album to FLAC – enjoy your instruments and overall sound experience.

The general conclusion is that for a compact and inexpensive wireless headset designed for the widest audience, the sound quality is good.

Specification: BeatsX Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Review

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BeatsX Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Review
BeatsX Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Review


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