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Huawei FreeLace Pro Review


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There is no point in concealing - Huawei FreeLace Pro is not a perfect headset. It is quite large, fans of TWS may not come, its management is weak (although if you have a smartphone Huawei, then I may be wrong), with the volume of the problem places, the set-up would like a little better. But! How she sings! And how long! After all, no TWS headset today can provide 24 hours of continuous music. Even though it's conditional, it's still. It is a pity that, most likely, the concept and form factor Huawei FreeLace Pro will bury, developing the TWS-direction, and will not provide the latest technologies and progressive chips. But even what is now is delightful in its best places, and maximum averaged at its worst. Therefore, if little wires do not bother you - please, FreeLace Pro, I recommend a bold wave of the hand.
  • Sturdy, practical design
  • Good sound quality and ANC
  • Quick connections
  • Fuzzy touch controls
  • No wear connections
  • No multiple device connectivity

To say I was waiting for, it is not to say anything. To say that it was difficult for me to get it is to remain silent. To say that I was satisfied with the previous model is, to tell the truth. And the truth is Huawei FreeLace Pro is green in my hands. What does it sound like? What is different from the previous one? Is it worth paying attention to? Let’s find out!

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review

Positioning Huawei FreeLace Pro on the market!

The official cost of this headset is £99.99, i.e., around $136. The problem is that this format of the headset, as you can see in the photos, makes FreeLace Pro a very vulnerable model for competition.

I can’t name a single headset similar to the shape factor review. I thought the Beats Powerbeats Pro was similar, but no. They are with the ears, but not the “neck” option. So if you’re not a TWS supporter, you don’t have much choice. The essence of FreeLace Pro and… FreeLace is ordinary.

Moreover, there is a lie that FreeLace Pro will not be PUBLIC as we would like, as Huawei will actively promote the TWS format. It would seem, much more active, on 10 models completely wireless in the company the essence of one model partially wired. But the bottom line is that we may not see the third generation of FreeLace.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Equipment

The headset delivery kit includes the headset itself, as well as a cable charger, and an unusual and Type-C “mom” on Type-A “daddy.” If you do not understand that honor – everything is fine, read on and understand, looking for and clothing, for the family hares chase – in three pines get lost.

It’s not the point. In the same box is a set of spare silicone earbuds – you see, an unusual shape. But you already guess that Huawei FreeLace Pro is not from ordinary headsets, so do not be surprised.

That’s what saddens me, really. One pair of earbuds, medium, put on a headset. The set is a pair of smaller and larger. But there is no spare pair of medium size. Yes, to lose an earbud of such forms will be a feat at the level with the breaking of a cast-iron ball in an anecdote, but still, everything happens.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review

Also included is the instruction manual. I draw your attention – we will need it in the future because the headset has not the most intuitive management scheme globally – and, more importantly, a couple of fun features.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Appearance

The Huawei FreeLace Pro looks much more epic and thorough than its predecessor. These are still wireless headphones with a thick wire and two modules – battery and control – and two headphones at the ends.

For the little ones, I explain that this format was in wireless headphones initially. I’m not sure what happened before – full-size or intra-channel without wire, but the bottom line is that my first wireless ears, Trust Urban Senfus, were just such a form factor.

But… How times change! And immediately, I will turn your attention to the huge and major feature of FreeLace. In general, the whole series. Control module. In addition to the fact that it has volume and plays buttons in the number of 3 pieces and power buttons slightly on the side – the module itself is disconnected, and at one end, we see … USB Type-C!

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Main features

Yes, my expensive kids, these headphones do not know how to charge wirelessly and can break the pattern most impressionable, but they can charge from smartphones with type-C and charge very quickly. There is no smartphone, and there is no, say, a power block Baseus with the entrance Type-C. You can use the same complete cable!

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review

And yes, this is the main distinguishing feature of FreeLace. The Pro-scale stands out against the previous model much thicker, not only modules and the cable itself but also headphones. The latter began not to lie, three times more, and got a very nice flat metal surface.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Location of Elements

In the case of FreeLace, the Hall sensor is still located, so when connecting-connecting magnets, the headphones are sent to sleep. And they come out of this regime on the same principle.

Also, on the left earpiece, the metal has a sensory surface responsible for switching the noise, which is another huge feature of the headset’s second generation. About him a little later.

The earbuds at FreeLace Pro are very sporty, a little angular inside, but sit in the ears perfectly and angular in general and does not interfere – as they are made of silicone and in themselves soft. Well, the designation L/R is also available, where without it.

On the headphones’ body, immediately visible microphones from all sides are necessary for active noise cancellation. There is also a microphone on the control module, but only one.

It is a working indicator on the opposite side, unlike the simple LED at the predecessor, which is made more detailed and resembles an old Soviet industrial light bulb, with a special square texture. This is surprising because it’s not much bigger than the LED. And yes, it’s a small thing, but it hurt me in charming and correct places.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Body materials

This is a crutch paragraph because I naturally forgot to tell about my nemesis in various devices – a glossy metal surface. It czarps, collects all sorts of dirt, prints, fat, divorces, existential pain, and anti-massage – and rubs off exclusively with a napkin from the hair of virgins from Mount Fujiyama. And hope to have hair from the head. Not from under the armpits.

Gloss is also present on the MacBook Air M1 logo, which I happened to snew the day before the release of this article – there is a glossy Apple logo, and it is scum. Change my mind. And the same gloss is present on the body of FreeLace Pro. It is even worse – because all the sewage of the world accumulates around the buttons, and even a napkin from the hair cover will not get this dirt normally.

There’s still dirt in the corners. And it looks anti-aesthetic. It would seem – do not dirty the headset, and that’s it. But it’s naturally around your neck. Most often – contact with the skin. The skin of the neck. Who’s sweating. And sweat is moisture, then this headset “eats” dirt from the collars and rags. In general, your FreeLace Pro is unlikely to be clean.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Specifications

The headset weighs about 34g, has a total length of 86.24 cm, and is 81.4 cm in length. I am a green sage, as well as graphite black and smoky white. I will miss the brutal red color of the previous model, but the greens are good. Of course, until you lose her in the woods, which I’m not going to do in the next couple of years. However, everyone says so, and then with a bear on the Bruderschaft fly-tippers in the nose shove.

I was slightly surprised that the wireless data protocol supported by Huawei FreeLace Pro is just a Bluetooth version of 5.0. Even before all this stuff with cow viruses and goat hernias, I personally attended the presentation of Huawei’s TWS headset, the first on Bluetooth 5.1. Or was it a smartwatch? I don’t remember.

The bottom line is that the company knows how to report, and the fact that the freshest FreeLace Pro is devoid of fresh products in technical terms says not very sweet things about how Huawei treats the promotion of the series in the market. Or not, and I’m making it up. It won’t be the first time, actually.

Drivers at the headset standard dynamic, but the size of 14.2 mm. Actually, the first FreeLace played amazingly even with emitters 9.2 mm, and here almost 50% more!

The headset’s body has THE IP55, meaning it’s not afraid of sweat, rain, and possibly sandstorms in the southern Sahara. But that’s not accurate. In any case, I do not recommend bathing in them – and especially, to expose moisture in a “disassembled state” – but given the shape of the earbuds, FreeLace Pro is clearly a sports model, so, again, sweat is not afraid.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Software and synergy

Software, I will say, I was disappointed. Also, I naturally transplanted from the Samsung Galaxy Buds, where the software was not perfect, but very functional and abundant on-chip switches.

This is the main problem with Huawei’s AI Life. A program that swings out of Google Play. iOS in the fly, there is no support. Yes, the program is common for all at least a little smart device of the company. And FreeLace of the first generation did not support this close-up in principle… But man.

The current noise-taught mode – to choose from three options and quick access when you click on the touchpad on the left earpiece. And, of course, the firmware update.

And all over. Change the purpose of the buttons? Change the length of the press to change the noise? Excuse God, change the equalizer, or adjust the noise level? No, no, In fact, the most useful thing that AI Life for FreeLace Pro has is battery level viewing – because, say, on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra level is quite hard to check.

And here I will mention such a thing as synergy. Huawei FreeLace Pro is a headset from the company, respectively, Huawei. And perhaps, RIGHT, with Huawei’s smartphones, Huawei’s headset in the app from Huawei will get more customization options. Well, there’s a HiPair chip, when the earpiece is sorted in two, as if for charging, and when inserted into the Huawei smartphone on EMUI 9.1 and above – then immediately created a pair.

And you don’t have to touch Bluetooth. I can’t check how far such symmetry stretches for the obvious reason of not being in the hands of the relevant company’s smartphone. I can only guess…

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Management Scheme

What I’m not going to guess are the management chips I promised to tell you about. They are painted on the site and in the instructions are, but their scheme is not the most obvious. For a start, prolonged clamping on the touchpad includes first the mode of noise, then the mode of transparency – when noises and voices and in general everything in the world is not removed, but on the contrary, amplified and applied to the hearing aid along with the music. Well, disabling all this goodness is the next position. If anything, positions in AI Life can be removed from the rotation if you really want to.

Other controls, by the way, are relatively standard. Reducing-increase sound on the corresponding buttons with plus and minus – which, incidentally, are very tactile, although do not differ touch from the central button. Which and the play begins, and stops it, and the challenge takes. Double-clicking scrolls the track further, triple returns the previous one, and a lengthy, 2 second, call and/or calls the voice assistant.

While doing a recent review on the Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Plus, and having steamed with the controls there, I am happy to note that FreeLace Pro is not even trying to allow the user to juggle multiple calls at once. There is no switching function between one and the other – only cancel and accept. I support this because I could learn a whole page of different combinations only as a child when I taught combo-vombo for Scorpio in Mortal Kombat.

Another cool feature – two consecutive relatively long presses on the power button headset will switch to the previous device that created the pair. And zeros this position by clamping the power button for 4 seconds.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Glitches

That is, you can naturally switch two touches from one source of music to another, from smartphone to laptop, from computer to player. If this thing hadn’t been used and it hadn’t been for you (the cape is meaningful and intentional, imagine I’m yelling), it would be sweet-o-net.

If I’m going to hit this topic, I’ll talk about it. Whether I got a sample like that, or I don’t know, but the Huawei FreeLace Pro is glitchy… not very often, but sometimes they are seized in full. They are reinforced concretely disconnected when magnetic contacts are switched off but do not always wake up after a break-up.

Switching to double-pressing is very crooked, and timing it, you rarely guess the first time. You can guess, but the mule will swallow, and you will not understand whether you guessed correctly or not. What prevented you from switching to a single click? I won’t even guess. Here the headset would really save the ability to reconfigure control, which is not expected, and the appearance of I would not particularly feed.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Noise-Cancellation

Now he’s a noise-making company. The ANC is responsible for two microphones, with three microphones for noise during the conversation. Three or three more, I won’t say, I don’t know. But I will say that after Buds Live noise, of course, juicy. Even in absolute silence, it becomes clear that anC is chopping or working in passthrough mode.

In itself, however, it is not the most powerful – I am sure that competitors have noise-ingodiva, if not better, than at the same level. But there is also a focus in the form of earbuds, which do not try to mow under the earbuds and the earbuds themselves are not. And here, the hats themselves are dense and wide, and the hook-up is thick. So even without active noise-and-com isolation, the insulation is excellent.

And the earphones sit in the ears better than the previous version. Although I guarantee that it will be more difficult to find spare earbuds… If you lose the basics, that will make it extremely difficult given the wrong shape of their inside.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Sound Quality

But it’s obviously not that important. After all, if the headset does not play well, then the meaning in all this? There’s no point. And the headset plays… Funny. No, for the sound quality, I put a bold 9 out of 10. I haven’t heard such a wide scene for a long time. It’s just a record holder. The last thing I remember was so good, Panasonic, but their guys – kings of volume sound, and the fact that Huawei came up so tightly, impressive very, very.

In terms of sound quality. Oh, what can I tell you? On the off. The headset’s page spells “studio sound quality.” And you have to understand that it’s very, very close to the truth. But you also need to understand what it means. Studio headphones try to be as neutral, balanced, and smooth as possible.

This means that in-studio headphones, you should not hear the bass of such force that as many tomatoes will wilts and crowns in the teeth in the dance started. But all instruments must be so clear and expressive that the songs you’ve listened to before start to unfold in a new way. You start hearing tools you haven’t noticed before.

FreeLace Pro, being a vacuum headset with dense sound insulation, is a means of playing the sound of the maximum studio level. With a dense, rich stage, where the sounds are sometimes even behind your back, hiding behind the back of the head. And the basses from which I expected to fly into the wall are palpable and noticeable but do not beat in the eardrums, do not interfere with other instruments, and do not pull the blanket.

The first example taken is “Dancing in the Graveyard” from the magnificent Delta Rae. Drums at the beginning do not feel like a shot from a bass gun, but the skin literally feels the vibration of tension on impact! It immediately becomes clear what this tool is, how well it is stretched, and its approximate size. At the beginning of the song, before the beginning of the vocal line, there is a very expressive stage, with a bright center and a side environment. I advise you to listen.

To understand everything globally, I highly recommend listening to Huawei FreeLace Pro music with the orchestra’s participation. Love pure instrumentalism – Tchaikovsky’s “Ninth Symphony” is at your service. Want a more experimental one? The album “Us and Them,” the best songs Pink Floyd performed by the London Symphony. Prefer a grandiose heavy sound? “Moment of Glory 2000” by Scorpions, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, and a completely completely different flavor. Or the epochal heaviness of being and the hard riffs from Metallica, again with the London Symphony – the album “Symphony and Metallica.

The more, the grander and more epochal music, the better the headset will reveal itself. At the same time, you will start to think about what mastering is, why “S’amp; M” sounds worse than “Moment of Glory,” not so voluminous and more downed, as if in a hustle. And that’s with the AAC codec, for a minute! AptX and even more so AptX HD headset does not pull but supported it is enough to crumple into the dust of the previous generation’s bassist sound.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Sound problems

However, there were no excesses—for example, a very sharp jump in volume from 80% to 90%. There are noticeable undesirable distortions from satisfactory to painful with unpleasant cutting high, and 100% already.

Anyway, when listening to music. Listen to videos from YouTube can and even need – in the subway, even with the noise, only 100% of the volume will give the desired result.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review: Autonomy

As for autonomy… Eh. The manufacturer promised 24 hours of listening to music on one charge. But with, as they say, the terms of the fine print. 24 hours are almost guaranteed on bright… Brightness. Volume! 50%, and without active noise. Most of the time, I listen to him, and at volume from 70% to 80%. Moreover, I don’t always listen to music, and sometimes I sit with a noise-making tin in my ears. But it obviously also drains the battery.

In general, with the noise and in my usual mode, the headset works almost as much as the first generation – and there promised 18 hours, with a battery capacity of 120 mAh. FreeLace Pro, if anything, 150. Not hours, but, well, milliampere-hours. Different things, after all.

Anyway, I can sleep in the headset from late in the evening until early morning, with music and noise, because my neighbor is a geek, and without noise, I can not even fall asleep normally sometimes can not. And I sleep, and I wake up, and the headphones still have a charge.

And charging is high-speed. The headset scores 20 percent in 5 minutes from a smartphone, just 5 hours of music without noise. For 10 minutes, the headset will lie connected to the smartphone, and the working day is provided! Which is obviously cool. I don’t even recommend carrying a Type-C “mom” cable unless you have a smartphone on micro USB. But then I do not advise to buy Huawei FreeLace Pro in principle. But here, you can move to the finish line.

Conclusion: Should you buy Huawei FreeLace Pro?

There is no point in concealing – Huawei FreeLace Pro is not a perfect headset. It is quite large, fans of TWS may not come, its management is weak (although if you have a smartphone Huawei, then I may be wrong), with the volume of the problem places, the set-up would like a little better. But! How she sings! And how long! After all, no TWS headset today can provide 24 hours of continuous music. Even though it’s conditional, it’s still.

It is a pity that, most likely, the concept and form factor Huawei FreeLace Pro will bury, developing the TWS-direction, and will not provide the latest technologies and progressive chips. But even what is now is delightful in its best places, and maximum averaged at its worst. Therefore, if little wires do not bother you – please, FreeLace Pro, I recommend a bold wave of the hand.

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Huawei FreeLace Pro Review


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