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Huawei FreeLace Pro Review
7 months ago

Huawei FreeLace Pro Review

$149.00 $136.00 -9%
There is no point in concealing - Huawei FreeLace Pro is not a perfect headset. It is quite large, fans of TWS may not come, its management is weak (although if you have a smartphone Huawei, then I may be wrong), with the volume of the problem places, the set-up would like a little better. But! How she sings! And how long! After all, no TWS headset today can provide 24 hours of continuous music. Even though it's conditional, it's still. It is a pity that, most likely, the concept and form factor Huawei FreeLace Pro will bury, developing the TWS-direction, and will not provide the latest technologies and progressive chips. But even what is now is delightful in its best places, and maximum averaged at its worst. Therefore, if little wires do not bother you - please, FreeLace Pro, I recommend a bold wave of the hand.
  • Sturdy, practical design
  • Good sound quality and ANC
  • Quick connections
  • Fuzzy touch controls
  • No wear connections
  • No multiple device connectivity
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HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 – Wireless Bluetooth Earphone- A Complete Review
HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 is a very decent alternative to Airpods for Android. If you pick up fully wireless headphones in the Airpods form factor for an Android phone, then HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, in 2019, is the best option! It should be borne in mind that HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 is fully compatible only on Huawei smartphones with firmware 10+, almost complete on Xiaomi phones, and most Chinese, they could not be friends with my Samsung normally. Regarding HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 for iPhone. Buying Huawei Freebuds 3 for iPhone, I see no reason. There is no application. Apple Airpods with the AAC codec and in the native ecosystem will play more interesting due to the greater bandwidth of the stream via Bluetooth. As a result, it is cool to listen to HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 on Huawei phones (which Huawei actually wanted), on Xiaomi phones, and, apparently, other Chinese.



  • Wonderful sound. The best sound in 2019, among models similar to Airpods, for Android.
  • Great design. Finally, in FreeBuds 3, the design has become beautiful and ergonomic. Appearance is almost indistinguishable from Airpods (the design is even a little more convenient).
  • Convenient design of earphones , case and convenient management.
  • Functional . Proprietary application, noise reduction, convenient touch control (customizable).
  • Autonomy 4 + 20 hours. This is an excellent indicator of the Airpods Android form factor.
  • High-quality microphone.
  • Proximity sensor or auto-pause when removing the earphone works only with HUAWEI smartphones with firmware 10+. This could be implemented for all smartphones. But HUAWEI is played in Chinese Apple, with its ecosystem, limiting functions on other smartphones, luring users to themselves. For me, this already had the opposite effect ... There is no proprietary application for the iPhone.
  • Active noise cancellation is approximately 80% useless. Suppresses only 20% of noise or almost nothing, if expressed simply. Although on the other hand, this is the first noise suppressor in the liners, which at least somehow suppresses noise.
  • Glossy case and headphone case. Case collects prints well. On the headphones, the prints are almost imperceptible. (In the white version, it is almost not visible on the case).
  • The price of $128.10 is generally reasonable. But if not for these intentional jambs for non-Huawei phones
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