First Charging Case Earbuds with LED DISPLAY: JBL Tour 2 Wireless Earbuds Launches. 

Recently, JBL announced the launching of its new Tour 2 Pro TWS wireless earbuds which it claimed to be the world’s first wireless earbuds with a smart charging case. The wireless earbuds come with improved noise cancellation and sound performance. 

Compared to the JBL Headphones app, the new Tour 2 Pro smart charging case comes with a built-in display that makes it simple to access the earbuds’ settings. 

A 1.45-inch LED touchscreen is included in the case and can be used to modify the earbud settings, turn on and off Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), view call and message alerts, and even manage playback. So, without your phone, you can easily take full control of your music using the smart case. 

The Tour 2 Pro supports spatial audio and has upgraded to Bluetooth 5.6 with low-energy Bluetooth. 

Another significant upgrade made to the Tour 2 Pro wireless earbud is the replacement of the 6.8mm drives in the Tour Pro Plus with 10mm dynamic drivers. 

The earbuds are quoted to last up to 10 hours after a single charge. With the LED casing, they can potentially last 40 hours between charges. They are expected to go on sale in January 2023 at a starting price of €249 (around $247 USD).

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