Apple Launches New MacBook Air (M2): What is New?

Apple steps up as it introduces a more developed MacBook which has gotten great reviews and accolades despite its high price. MacBook Air emerged as the first to be designed around Apple Silicon. 

It has amazing features of a sleek thin new design, M2 is powerful and efficient, with a long-lasting battery, 1080p webcam, and a bright display. However, its starting price of $1,199 is quite a lot for a mainstream laptop. 

With its increased price comes a new 13.6-inch display with a 1080p camera, a keyboard with full-height function keys, and an excellent Magsafe 3 connector.         

It is remarkably small and yet solid. The MacBook air is one of the most recognizable laptops in the world and is generally believed by most to be one of the best ultrabooks.

With the M2 design, Apple declares it the most popular laptop, replacing Steve Jobs’s trademark wedge design with a flat top and round edges reminiscent of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

      In a review, it was noted that the Apple world has put a single USB-C port on either side of the device, its light weight is mostly reviewed to be the best part, not the lightest laptop in its class, but it is the thinnest. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is 3 pounds and 11.97×8.36×0.61 inches, which is only a slight difference in weight and thickness, but a noticeable one.

The display has dimensions that are similar to the last version and introduces a cutout or notch to the display for the camera and light sensor. In contrast to the MI chip that could only be configured to a maximum of 16GB of RAM, the M2 can work with up to 24GB. The standard configuration of the gadget comes with 8GB of RAM. Apple quotes battery life at up to 18 hours which makes it extremely good. The Magsafe is restored to the MacBook Pro models. in its final report on the Apple gadget says the new MacBook Air is the best MacBook Air Apple has made, by a country mile. And it is the most significant and noteworthy update to the Air since its introduction. This model is astonishingly good across-the-board, and these improvements solidify the MacBook Air’s role as the default consideration for most buyers considering a MacBook laptop.

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