Where to buy the Latest Galaxy Bud 2 Pro.

Samsung released its latest high-end wireless earbuds on August 26. Reviews from users have confirmed that the giant tech company has yet again delivered top-notch as they always do. 

Samsung earbuds have always been top-notch, ranging from affordable options like the powerful Galaxy Buds2 to more opulent ones like the Galaxy Buds Pro. 

The high-end wireless earbuds, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is out and you can get the earbuds by ordering them from the Samsung store, Best Buy, and some other special retail stores. They are available in three color shades which are lilac color and more basic black and white versions. The price of the Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 Pro is slightly higher than the cost of the existing Samsung Galaxy Buds. The new Galaxy Bud 2 Pro is retailed at $229.99.

The earbuds are designed specifically to pair only with Samsung devices. They have 24-bit hi-fi audio and they are also IPX7-rated for waterproofing, which means they are sweat resistant and can even be momentarily submerged in water. 

The design of the compact charging case and the tiny square plastic that houses the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro makes it the most attractive in the market. Samsung revealed that the improved design increases on-ear stability and enhances air flow efficiency for lower pressure so you don’t have to worry about soreness around your ear concha like past Samsung models. 

Compared to their predecessors, the new Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 Pro are “smaller, lighter, and more comfortable, all while boosting their audio and noise-cancelling performance,” to name a few. You can order yours 

  1. From Amazon, at 229.99 
  2. Best Buy at 229.99
  3. From Samsung at 229.99

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