Tronsmart Onyx Ace – Wireless Earbuds like Airpods (for crazy $32 only)

At the end of 2019, Tronsmart launched the new Spunky Beat wireless headphones, which became Tronsmart’s best-selling product this year and ushered in a new era of affordable headphones with impeccable sound quality. Therefore, the year 2020, Tronsmart opens with wireless headphones called Onyx Ace, which have all the advantages of previous models, with Qualcomm®, Spunky Beat, and Onyx Neo processors, but is also in a hurry to please their users with some useful innovations.

New design

Unlike its predecessors, who used the in-channel design, Onyx Ace borrowed the design of in-ear headphones, which many find more comfortable to wear. Unlike earplugs, the convenience of which very often depends on the quality and size of the ear pads, the earbuds, as a rule, hold well in any ears, especially if they are as light in weight as Onyx Ace. Moreover, Onyx Ace sits and looks excellent.

Four microphone system

Many people know that the system of two microphones, one of which thanks to the software identify your voice, and the other helps to filter extraneous noise, allows you to achieve excellent noise reduction, making excellent sound transmission during calls. Tronsmart Onyx Ace introduces an advanced new system with four microphones, guaranteeing unique sound even in boisterous environments.

Qualcomm® chip again

Like most modern Onyx Ace headphones, it is built based on Qualcomm® audio chip. It not only provides the headphones with a stable connection, incredibly fast sound transmission with minimal delays but also guarantees low power consumption and perfect sound.

Tronsmart Onyx Ace - wireless headphones like Airpods
Tronsmart Onyx Ace – wireless headphones like Airpods

AptX ™ Codec Support

Speaking of pleasant-sounding, one cannot fail to note the fact that Onyx Ace supports aptX  technology and has incredibly powerful 13mm speakers providing studio-quality sound without loss in aptX ™ format. Owners of devices from Apple also did not remain deprived, and especially for them, Tronsmart has support for audio format AAC.

Works up to 5 hours on a single charge

Thanks to the Qualcomm® chip, Onyx Ace, even with such powerful speakers, can work up to 5 hours at 50 percent volume and up to 24 hours with charging. Moreover, the case is equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, allowing you to charge the headphones even faster.

Convenient and responsive management

Get access to all the many features of the headphones, including sound control, track switching, and voice assistant, with a simple touch.

My final opinion:

The Tronsmart Onyx Ace is an inexpensive, wireless earbud with impressive features. AptX, significant autonomy at 5h + 24h from the case, beautiful design, and all this for $ 32 (March 10-11). Later, the headphones will cost $ 60, but even for this price, the headphones are just space, according to the specifications.

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