The Main Causes of Headphone Breakage: What and Where to Repair?

Headphones are extremely fragile. Products from China break down quickly. It is possible to fix them, but it is easier and more profitable to buy new ones, rather than mess with old ones. It is better to repair expensive gadget models either in a workshop, or try to bring the headphones to mind yourself.

Not all headphone malfunction problems are mechanical. You cannot immediately disassemble the headset into its components if the sound suddenly disappears. It is necessary to immediately exclude hardware failures on the connected gadget from the list of possible breakdowns.

It is easy to check the condition of a laptop or smartphone. They are connected to another headset, which is known to be in working order. If there is no sound, they look for the cause of the breakdown in these devices.

The main causes of headphone breakage: what and where to repair

For example, the installed drivers may not match the existing sound card. Then either one or two speakers will be “silent”.

Damage to the wire can be found anywhere. But in practice, copper strands break near a plug or speaker, or where two cables separate. Gaps in cheap headsets occur with even minor exposure.

The speaker membrane can be damaged by impact. If the headphones have fallen, then this particular part of the headset should be checked first.

Causes of damage

Checking the performance of the headset is carried out in stages.

Driver recovery

The operation of any gadget depends on the programs installed on it, including drivers that may become outdated or reset. Before checking the headphones, examine the position of the sliders that adjust the music playback level. If everything is configured correctly, determine if the sound driver matches the card.

The installed components also ensure the operation of the headset. They need to be checked during diagnosis. You can get the program on the manufacturer’s website, and install any other. To start the gadget, you need to restart your computer or other device. After these actions, the sound should appear, if this does not happen, the damage is mechanical.

Violation of cable integrity

You can find the damage empirically. Moving the wire, check the appearance and disappearance of sound when the gadget is connected. The condition is studied all the way from the plug to the speakers. At the break point, the cable is cut, cleaned and soldered.

The main causes of headphone breakage: what and where to repair

Speaker and plug repair

It is more difficult to carry out repairs if a break occurs near a plug or speaker. Required:

  • Complete disassembly of the speaker. The order of work depends on the headset model. Branded headphones are secured with screws that are unscrewed. Some samples use latches instead of screws. Most often, the body is glued together. If you press on it, a divergence occurs along the seam.
  • When choosing a headset for yourself, it is advisable to buy one with a collapsible plug, then there will be no problems with restoring integrity. In other cases, you will have to pick it out of the rubber shell. The damaged area is re-soldered, the gap is cut and cleaned before that. Soldering is carried out in accordance with the colors of the wires.

Repairing a headset is troublesome. The work must be done carefully and correctly. It is difficult without the appropriate skills.

Have you ever repaired the headphones yourself?

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