Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone: A Complete Review

Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone: A Complete Review


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7.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #20 in category True Wireless Earbuds
The Simgot MTW5 headphones turned out to be successful, they sit comfortably in your ears, have IPX5 water protection, which allows you to fully use them during sports. A pleasant and soft sound can captivate even a sophisticated listener, not to mention beginners in high-quality personal audio. The main thing to remember is that these are headphones for every day that are most likely to listen outside the home, and it is for these conditions that their sound is optimized. The only drawback I can mention physical buttons, clicking on which shifts the earphone in the ear. Otherwise, I liked the headphones, if you are looking for fully wireless headphones, be sure to pay attention to the Simgot MTW5.
  • Membrane Titanium Spray Driver
  • Convenient for long listening
  • Stylish look
  • Versatile, pleasant sound
  • The physical buttons when pressed noticeably displace the earphone in the ear and cause discomfort
  • There is a sound delay when watching a video (SBC codec)

Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone

What’s inside Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone Package?

The Simgot MTW5 headphones are delivered in a small cardboard box, where on the front side, a photo of the headphones is printed on a white background, and the necessary technical information below. Opening the box, we see a plastic charging case lying in a molded tray, inside which headphones are hidden.


The standard package includes:

  • Charging Case
  • Headphones
  • 3 pairs of silicone ear pads
  • Instruction manual
  • QR code card for product authentication
  • MicroUSB cable

Design of Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone: Is it impressive enough?

Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone

Simgot MTW5 is a fully wireless headphone. They have a cunning ergonomic shape, which is great for long listening despite the first deceptive impression. The complete case is simple but technically thought out: the upper glossy cover flips open. Under it, there are two molded places for charging headphones, additionally held by magnets.

Headphone housing

The housing of the Simgot MTW5 headphone is monolithic, of complex ergonomic shape. At first glance, it seems that he will not fit into the ears because he looks big. But this impression is misleading. The headphones are conveniently located in the auricle, while they are almost not felt.

Each of the headphones is equipped with a large physical (non-touch) button on the outside. The function of the button on the left and right earphone is different. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the complete instructions’ functionality. I’ll mention that there are many functions. At first, you will often have to look into the cheat sheet to learn all types of functions and their combinations.

The manufacturer claims protection against IPX5 water, which means that you can safely walk in the pouring rain or exercise in the gym with headphones. Sweat and splashes of water will not do them any harm. But you cannot immerse Simgot MTW5 fully in water.


The complete Simgot MTW5 ear cushions are tiny in diameter. If the hole’s inner diameter that is worn on the sound guide is standard, the outer one is tiny and does not look like ordinary silicone ear cushions. There are ear pads of 3 sizes in the kit, so there will be no difficulty in selecting.

The earphone’s deep fit causes the small outer diameter of the ear cushions; this provides better passive noise isolation and reliable retention.

With the right side of the ear pads, I didn’t notice any problems with the landing of the Simgot MTW5. You can listen to them until the battery runs out.

For the sake of the experiment, I put on regular Comply foam ear cushions on the headphones. They fit them perfectly.


Simgot MTW5 is equipped with two microphones, one for each earphone. Provided that the headphones work in stereo mode, you will hear the interlocutor’s voice during a telephone conversation in each of the headphones, which is very convenient during long conversations.

Moreover, both microphones will record your voice simultaneously, which ensures the best quality of voice transmission to the interlocutor.

I assess the overall quality of the recording as good. Sometimes the voice sounds quieter than I would like, but on the whole, the interlocutors noted that I could hear clearly and clearly, and it was pleasant to talk with me.


The complete charging case looks simple: a massive lower half made of matte plastic and a lightweight hinged glossy cover. The lid is magnetized to the body, so it is pleasant to open and close it. In the lower part inside, there are two forms for inserting headphones to charge the battery, each held by its own magnet.

It is noteworthy that, even though the complete silicone ear pads have a small diameter, the seat in the case is spacious enough for the Simgot MTW5 to fit in it even with foam earpads on easily.

On the back of the case, there is a socket for connecting a MicroUSB cable for charging.

Three white LEDs are located under the cover on the front side. By the combination of lights, you can judge the status of the battery of the case and its current operation. Learn more about combinations in the instructions.

The case’s size allows you to carry it in your jeans pocket, although it will stick out noticeably.

Wireless connection Stability in Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone

Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone

Simgot MTW5 is equipped with a modern Bluetooth 5.0 module with support for the SBC codec.

When watching a video or computer games, a slight delay is noticed between what is happening on the screen and the sound. It is small for no more than half a second, but noticeable, and if it does not irritate when watching a short video on YouTube, watching a long film will be unpleasant. It will also be inconvenient to play games, especially those where a quick reaction is required. A belated sound will mislead you. But the delay does not affect the headphones’ main task, playing music, so this cannot be considered a serious drawback.

The stability of the connection pleasantly surprised me. I moved about 17 meters from the phone in the open space before the first interference appeared during playback. In an apartment, I could freely move between rooms. The connection did not disappear even when the signal had to pass through two walls and wooden doors. The result is excellent, considering that these are completely wireless headphones.

Battery life

Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone

The manufacturer claims 3 hours of operation from its own battery of headphones and up to three full recharge cycles with the battery inside the case. In practice, these numbers are not far from the truth, the headphones themselves are really about three hours old, but I managed to recharge them in 2 full cycles fully. The third cycle charged the headphones by about 70%, according to the charge indicator in the connected Bluetooth devices’ properties on the phone Xiaomi MI9 SE.

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Given the battery of the case, we get about 11 hours 40 minutes of battery life headphones.

Let me remind you that wireless headphones’ battery life depends on the device to which they are connected, on the codec used, and on the level of electromagnetic interference in the surrounding space. In your case, the result may slightly differ from my experience.


The Simgot MTW5 worked perfectly for my ears, so I did not find any difficulties or inconveniences during testing. On the contrary, it was very convenient for me, and every time 10-15 minutes after the start of listening, I forgot that I was in the headphones. With the shape and reliability of the fit, the headphones are all fine.

However, the physical buttons you need to push to make them work spoil the picture significantly. When pressed, the headphones put strong pressure on the ear while shifting into the auditory canal.

Sound quality

The sound signature of the headphones is great for gaming. Accented low frequencies will give an additional bright color to explosions and shots, and sufficiently detailed medium frequencies will not conceal from your attention the insidious plans of the enemy trying to come to you from the flank.

It was pleasant to listen to music in Simgot MTW5. Even when paired with the SBC codec, they provided sufficient quality to not think about improving it. I am sure that most of us who buy fully wireless headphones do this for convenience and versatility and listen to music from streaming sources like Deezer, Spotify, or Yandex. Music, where compressed music comes in mp3 or aac formats.

To my surprise, Simgot MTW5 was able to demonstrate a good imaginary scene, both in breadth and in-depth. Probably, for this, you need to thank the driver with a titanium coating on the membrane. He was able to convey a sense of space at a good level. Of course, the headphones are inferior to their wired competitors, but everything is perfect for the wireless model.

In general, I will describe the sound’s nature as soft, warm, and effective, with a noticeable V-shaped frequency response. However, the Simgot engineers did not abuse this setting and left it at a moderate level, as the low frequencies became capacious, powerful, but at the same time, they still feel honest. There is also an increase at frequencies of 6 – 8 kHz, which gives a feeling of high detail sound. And although Simgot MTW5 sounds spectacular and bright, they do it skillfully. There are no excessively amplified mid and high frequencies, so there is no overly accented bass. Everything is in moderation.

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Headphones are omnivorous; they coped well both with modern electronic music and live recordings of jazz and classical music.

Low frequencies

The bass is noticeable but moderately accented. Simultaneously, the sub-bass was left almost unchanged, and the mid-bass was emphasized the most, which gave a soft, but powerful and assertive sound. Thanks to this approach, a tangible foundation of low frequencies has appeared in music, on which, as a foundation, the main melody and vocals of the artist are based. For connoisseurs of a holistic and balanced sound, I recommend using the equalizer to lower the volume by 3 dB at frequencies from 200 Hz to 500 Hz, so you reduce the emphasis and get a more honest sound.

Mid frequencies

Mid frequencies sound in detail and without distortion. However, the mid-bass in some compositions slightly masks small details in the sound. To make them appear, follow the setup recommendations from the previous paragraph. The vocalists’ voices sound lively, natural, and pleasant, a little softer than they are in the recording. But these headphones are designed for pleasure, not for studio monitoring, so this approach is fully justified.

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High frequencies

Treble sounds clear but modest. They do not attract attention, sounding a little behind. To fix this, you should increase the equalizer volume by 2 dB in the range from 4 kHz to 6 kHz. This will significantly add air to the sound and enliven the big picture. But be careful. At frequencies from 7 kHz to 10 kHz, you should not add volume. I would even reduce it by 1 dB for a more reliable sound. Experiment with the equalizer carefully. In Simgot, they worked hard on the sound. It is not worth making noticeable changes to it. Simgot MTW5 may lose their warm charm.

Conclusion: Should you buy Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone?

The Simgot MTW5 headphones turn out to be successful. They sit comfortably in your ears and have IPX5 water protection, which allows you to fully use them during sports. A pleasant and soft sound can captivate even a sophisticated listener, not to mention beginners in high-quality personal audio. The main thing to remember is that these are headphones for every day that are most likely to listen outside the home, and it is for these conditions that their sound is optimized.

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The only drawback I can mention physical buttons, clicking on which shifts the earphone in the ear. Otherwise, I liked the headphones. If you are looking for fully wireless headphones, pay attention to the Simgot MTW5.

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Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone: A Complete Review
Simgot MTW5 Wireless Headphone: A Complete Review
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