Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Wireless Headset Review

2020 made significant changes in people’s way of life, including forcing many to switch to remote forms of employment. In this case, video calls became the main form of communication, and services like Google Meet and Zoom received a huge increase in customers. To work comfortably in such conditions, you need a good headset, and today we will look at the top-end wireless model from Logitech called Zone Wireless Plus.

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Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Wireless Headset Review: Package

The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus comes in a cardboard box, inside of which you will find the headset itself, documentation, a USB-A to micro USB cable, a USB dongle, a USB-C adapter, and a cloth case. Questions can only be about the case – in this price segment, and one would expect a more serious case.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Wireless Headset Review: Design and construction

The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus has a pretty neat and discreet appearance. The headband is made of plastic; metal arms are attached to it, on which the headphones themselves are held. The device can be folded for transport. The device’s design looks a little flimsy, but at the same time, materials are pleasant to the touch.

The headphones fit perfectly on the head, largely thanks to the very soft leatherette ear cushions and a cushion on the headband. And the headset weighs only 180 grams, so the head and neck do not get tired at all. But my ears felt a little discomfort after several hours of work in the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus. Perhaps the reason is that the earpads are even too soft. Thus, the hard parts of the headphones rest against the ears, which causes discomfort after a while.

Usually, I record a non-removable microphone as a disadvantage of headsets, but in this case, you may not immediately notice it. The microphone rotates to either side (if you suddenly put on the headset the other way around) and is equipped with a Mute button to mute. By the way, a handy feature is provided: in the lowered state, the microphone automatically turns on, and when it is raised, it turns off. The headset will warn you about changing the operating model in a female voice.

The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus controls are located on the left side. There are volume buttons, a pause/play button that can also take calls, an active noise cancellation key, and an on / pair key. There is also a micro USB connector for charging. As for me, engineers could add more track switching buttons (on the sides of the pause/play button) and replace micro USB with USB-C.

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Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Wireless Headset Review: Sound and Microphone

Despite some questions about the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus design, the sound of the headset pleased me from the first composition. The device produces a delightful, soft, and enveloping sound. The headphones are suitable for listening to tracks of different genres, and they have good detail and balance. The depth of low frequencies was not always enough for me, and even with the active noise cancellation system turned on, the sound quality dropped slightly, but in general, many people should like the sound. Moreover, we have a headset in which the emphasis is on voice calls.

The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus features a dual omnidirectional microphone system with a frequency range of 85 Hz – 20 kHz. It has a noise-canceling function that separates the user’s voice from extraneous sounds. Thanks to this, wherever you work – in a noisy office or at home, you should be perfectly heard by the interlocutor when children are running around. There are no complaints about the microphone, and it corresponds to the declared quality level. What’s more, the device is certified to work with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Zoom, and other popular services, so it can be easily and quickly integrated into any work environment.

As for the active noise canceling system, you expect a little more from it. ANC dampens external noises a little, but you will still hear the TV or someone talking in the background.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus connects to your audio source via Bluetooth 5.0 or USB dongle. By the way, if you buy the Plus version, the kit includes a dongle that allows you to connect up to 6 Logitech Unifying devices. This way, you can attach a wireless mouse, keyboard, and other Logitech accessories to it. Its only drawback is its size. While regular Unifying dongles are compact and almost invisible, the Zone Wireless Plus dongle is as large as a USB flash drive and can get caught or damaged when you put your laptop in your backpack.

If you do not have Logitech peripherals, you can pay attention to the regular version of the Logitech Zone Wireless, which differs only in the absence of the dongle mentioned above (there is a regular USB dongle that works only with a headset).

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Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Wireless Headset Review: Software and Autonomy

You can use the Logi Tune app to access Logitech Zone Wireless Plus settings and equalizer and install updates. The program is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It has a pleasant and intuitive interface, although there are not so many settings in it.

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus can be simultaneously connected to two audio sources, such as smartphones and laptops. The device seamlessly switches between them, and this function works quite correctly; this is definitely a plus.

But the indicators of autonomy of the headset are average. The manufacturer claims 16 hours of listening to music without ANC (14 hours with ANC) and 15 hours of talk time without ANC (14 hours with ANC). You can charge the device via micro USB or wireless charging. The latter, perhaps not the most necessary thing for this device (it would be better if USB-C was installed), but in any case, a nice bonus.

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Logitech Zone Wireless Plus Wireless Headset Review: Conclusion

Logitech Zone Wireless Plus is a top-end headset from a well-known manufacturer, which pleases with the sound and quality of the microphone and raises questions on some points. Because of this, the price of the device seems slightly overpriced.

PROS: Simultaneous connection to multiple audio sources, pleasant sound, good performance, and noise-canceling microphone, nice soft ear pads, wireless charging

CONS: micro USB charging, active noise canceling system could be more efficient, price

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