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RHA MA650 Wireless headphones: A Complete Review
Aluminum miniature headphone cases fit perfectly in the ears and do not cause any discomfort. The same can be said about the “collar.” After 10 minutes of listening to the headphones, you completely cease to notice on the neck. Yes, headphones color the sound noticeably, but they do it competently, making the sound brighter and more emotional without going over the edge of naturalness in the sound. It is noticeable that professionals who know their business worked on the sound. This kind of presentation is ideal for daily listening to music on your phone. I recommend buying the RHA MA650 Wireless headphones if you are looking for headphones for listening to music outside the home and want to get rid of annoying wires once and for all.
  • Good sound quality;
  • Premium materials;
  • 3 years warranty;
  • Long battery life - up to 12 hours;
  • IPX4 splash and sweat proof;
  • Rich equipment.
  • The USB-C port is not covered with a cap.
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RHA MA750 Earbuds: A Complete Review
The MA750 sounds very good, only slightly raising the upper mids. The sound is slightly colored, but it only benefits from this. Especially when listening to musical material with vocals. They cope with any genre, any complexity of the music. Even in the tensest, complex, and dynamic music moments, they do not lose their grip, continuing to reproduce sound with jewelry. If you do not like the factory setting for some reason, you can change it using the equalizer. The headphones are equipped with an excellent driver with a good headroom at all frequencies and instantly respond to even the smallest frequency adjustment. It is very convenient to use the headphones outdoors, thanks to the successful implementation of the behind-the-ear attachment. Headphones do not fall out of ears, hold on tight, and do not need to be adjusted. I recommend RHA MA750 for all high-quality music lovers. The headphones are especially capable of opening up when playing music in lossless formats and even Hi-Res records.
  • First-class and durable materials are used in the manufacture - stainless steel;
  • Convenient over-the-ear hook that makes using the headphones on the go cozy and comfortable;
  • Strong tangle-free wire 1.35 meters long;
  • A vibrant set of ear pads of 9 additional ear pads (7 pairs of silicone, 2 pairs of Comply foam);
  • High-quality and detailed sound, headphones are ready to play Hi-Res recordings;
  • 3 years official warranty;
  • Convenient and stylish carrying case.
  • Those who like plentiful bass will have to use an equalizer;
  • The headphone cable is very durable and reliable. However, it adds weight to it, so if you do not use the included clip for attaching to clothes, the cable will be unpleasant to pull on the headphones.
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RHA S500 Earbuds: A Complete Review
The RHA S500 headphones made a great impression on me. They are very tiny, but at the same time, they cope well with any music, perfectly adapted to work with both portable equipment and a more serious sound source. The driver's factory calibration will allow you to hear the smallest details of the performer's vocals and appreciate the depth of the music scene. Simultaneously, the headphones play out low frequencies well, although they do not emphasize them. All in all - honest, balanced sound.
  • Very compact;
  • Good sound quality;
  • Rich equipment: 6 additional pairs of ear pads included, a bag for transportation, a clip;
  • Premium materials were used in the manufacture: aluminum alloys, widely used in the aerospace industry;
  • General thoughtfulness and durability of the structure: aluminum cups, braided wire, aluminum jack, and wire protection from kinking;
  • 3-year official warranty;
  • Stylish and unusual appearance;
  • Thanks to their small size, the headphones are easy to wear under a hat in winter
  • No foam earpads included;
  • Bass lovers need to use an equalizer to get the bass level they want.
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RHA Trueconnect- True Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Review
  • 5hrs playback from a single charge + 20hr charging case with fast charge (15mins = 2. 5hrs).
  • Sweatproof and water-resistant to IPX5 certification for durable performance.
  • Bluetooth 5 and stem design for exceptional connectivity, digital assistant control & Call quality.
  • Secure fit with comply foam & silicone ear tips designed specifically for True wireless earbuds.
  • 3 year included, when purchased from RHA or directly.
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