Beats Flex Headphone Review

The most affordable Apple headphones. But is it worth buying them?

It’s easy to get lost in Apple’s latest announcements. It used to be that the company gathered journalists and everyone involved and held one event every six months for two hours, where they talked about new products and plans. Everything is different: life has moved online, and on November 10, we are waiting for the third autumn announcement by Apple. Most likely, it will be devoted to computers on their processors. In general, the fall for Apple came out somehow unreal. There have never been so many new products. It all started with the iPad, then the iPhones were announced, and somewhere in between, the Beats Flex, the company’s most affordable headphones, were introduced and sold. This is a further evolution of the Beats X – let’s quickly unpack and listen.


Very little time has passed since the iPhone 12 went on sale, and I’m already used to these small boxes! Yes, there is less carbon footprint and more convenient logistics, more shelf space in the supermarket, and somehow neater and more decent. Look at the Beats Flex and Beats X boxes in comparison:

Apple-style box, tab closed, everything inside is neatly folded.

Nozzles, cable, but the cover is no longer here. It was sacrificed to reduce its carbon footprint. Or to reduce the packaging.

There are other changes, as well. Instead of Lightning, now USB Type-C, and this is probably good, everyone has many such cables. The controls have changed slightly: the answer button is smooth, located next to the microphone, and the volume rocker is right there. The power button has a small indicator light.

The cups stick to each other when you connect the headphones. Then the sound does not go into them when disconnected – the iPhone immediately sends sound to the Flex. The function can be turned on or off in the smartphone menu. You can also answer the call by disconnecting the cups.

It is convenient to wear headphones around your neck, but the cable’s right section always fell on the cheek, a little ticklish. I’m already so used to wireless models that I can’t calmly perceive the old familiar form factor. It’s just infuriating. However, the Flex is easy to fold and stow in your pocket. But look what an unappetizing construction:

Connecting to an iPhone is the simplest. You need to turn on the headphones and wait until the menu appears on the screen.

The settings are standard, except that they gave a little more control for the cups’ magnets. Well, also, the software version number is now displayed right here, and not in the iPhone settings.

We also removed the ear tips from the kit – only the usual ones remained. If you want, you can buy/get attachments for Beats X and in such an inexpensive way to significantly improve ergonomics.

Features and running time

The headphones are available in four versions: black, ash gray, Blue Flame, and Citrus Yellow colors. 

It uses the W1 chip (Apple’s most advanced audio solution). The working time is 12 hours, which is good. Ten minutes of connection gives an hour and a half of music playback. A dedicated Beats app will be available on Google Play for headphone use, software updates, and feature customization – as far as I know, it came with the Flex. 


Like the AirPods, the Beats Flex is an advanced headset with prominent bass and excellent voice reproduction. And this is not a reproach at all! The setting is universal. I liked listening to music, watching YouTube, playing. There are no delays and failures in signal transmission. For this, thanks to Bluetooth Class 1 – no, this is not a version of Bluetooth, this is precisely the class, and the class tells us about the range of operation. But the Bluetooth version in Beats is not voiced, as well as the supported codecs – I’m sure there is AAC here. Good voice quality, you can speak calmly even on the street, if you bring the microphone closer. Everything is very smooth and smooth.

If you’re an audiophile, it’s best not to even go with Flex. But for every day and any content, it’s okay.


On the one hand, these are excellent headphones for their price: easy connection to Apple products, USB Type-C charging, long battery life, striking design (if you buy a model in bright color). Everything is fine with the sound. And the little thing costs $49! 

On the other hand, Apple has diligently taught us to True Wireless, and now even the coolest headphones with at least some kind of cable are perceived as an anachronism. For $49, the choice of TWS-models is genuinely huge. I’m not talking about “Aliexpress,” where you can buy a pair of headphones of different colors at once and change them depending on your mood. Honestly, even a year ago, I would have written: “Yes, everything is okay. Buy it.” But now I train with Beats Powerbeats Pro, actively use AirPods and AirPods Pro, listen to music on Beoplay H95 in the office, and even if there were no money at all. I prefer to borrow/take a loan/save, but buy AirPods, and not try to keep at your convenience.

Before the New Year, the flexes will be sorted out correctly and before other holidays too. But I would like to see Beats Flex 2.0 in TWS format in a year. I think you should too.

8.5 Total Score
Cheap wireless Beats for new iPhone and iPad owners

These are excellent headphones for their price: easy connection to Apple products, USB Type-C charging, long battery life, striking design (if you buy a model in bright color). Everything is fine with the sound. And the little thing costs $49!

Noise Cancelation
  • Easy connection to Apple products
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Long battery life
  • Striking design
  • No noise canceling
  • Not workout ready
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