“Apple Airpods max is worth the £549 price,” says Daniel Bennet, Editor-in-chief of Science Focus

The new kind of sound prevalent these days is the spatial audio that gadgets and technology are becoming inclined to. Apple’s new headphone alongside its latest developments is reviewed by Daniel Bennet to find out what more is there to the device.

According to Daniel Bennet, what could make a pair of wireless headphones cost that much deal must answer in its features and be justified by the whole difference it makes by its use. Although the tech family wouldn’t find it strange. 

He says the new headphone afford him luxury and gives ultimate comfortability from the features of the device. The set-up for this new product is as usual without friction and works well with iPhones. 

Unlike other headphones, Apple AirPods are less complicated in their controls and this makes them more endearing. There is no touch control on the cans, instead, it has a digital crown used in navigating the controls while another button controls the transparency and noise canceling. 

In the design, the headphones are far better and worlds apart from other headphones in the place of durable texture The audio quality is reportedly premium coupled with its durability and texture being second to none. Also of worthy note is the comfortable pack and protection. Considering the price of these gadgets, Daniel noted that it’s quite endearing to ensure a safe carriage. 

Does this Apple headphone fit into the best alternatives for Sony headphones? This question is provided with an answer to it as it’s less tedious and easier to manage. Combination of high tech sounds effect and afford numerous adjustments to suit your sound taste. 

An overall review of this Apple headphone max gives the confidence that it’s worth the price and all the tech development configured both in its external and internal appearance.

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